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Welcome to Nightfall, the blog of Cass Python, a terrible thing, I know, but hey, if you don't like what you see, you can always press CTRL+W and go back to, oh, I don't know, Reddit with your fellow epic l33t freinds.

If you are intrestd in my writings, you can checkout my old blog, over on at my old website.

Tiny Xenia

Goodness, look at how small she is. Dated 2022-12-21.

Neocities Drama: What We Know

The latest news on all of the juicy drama, with ya gal, DJ OwlGal AKA Cass. Dated 2022-09-23.

Give Pitt a Kiss

He won't bite! Dated 2022-08-09.

Accessible Web design

Article I co-wrote about a way to make the Web better. Dated 2022-06-05.

There is One Wug

What would two or more of them be called thought??? Dated 2021-09-16.

Evil Bat Boi

Some furry artwork that I made. Dated 2021-07-31.

A Bad Review of: Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021)

Well, if you wanted to see LeBron James and Buggs Bunny together for some reasons, go crazy with this flick. Dated 2021-07-31.

A Bad Review of: The Plague Dogs (1982)

Remember Watership Down? No, uh, well this is a movie. Dated 2021-07-17.

A Bad Review of: Chickens Scared by Torpedo (1887)

Review of some 1800 short that no-one cares about. Dated 2021-07-31.

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