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Welcome to Nightfall, the blog of Cass Python, a terrible thing, I know, but hey, if you don't like what you see, you can always press CTRL+W and go back to, oh, I don't know, Reddit with your fellow epic l33t freinds.

If you are intrestd in my writings, you can checkout my old blog, over on at my old website.


A poem for The Pandragon. Dated 2023-04-05.

Tiny Xenia

Goodness, look at how small she is. Dated 2022-12-21.

Neocities Drama: What We Know

The latest news on all of the juicy drama, with ya gal, DJ OwlGal AKA Cass. Dated 2022-09-23.

Give Pitt a Kiss

He won't bite! Dated 2022-08-09.

Accessible Web design

Article about a way to make the Web better. Dated 2022-06-05.

There is One Wug

What would two or more of them be called thought??? Dated 2021-09-16.

Evil Bat Boi

Some furry artwork that I made. Dated 2021-07-31.

A Bad Review of: Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021)

Well, if you wanted to see LeBron James and Buggs Bunny together for some reasons, go crazy with this flick. Dated 2021-07-31.

A Bad Review of: The Plague Dogs (1982)

Remember Watership Down? No, uh, well this is a movie. Dated 2021-07-17.

A Bad Review of: Chickens Scared by Torpedo (1887)

Review of some 1800 short that no-one cares about. Dated 2021-07-31.

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