A Bad Review of: Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021)

Currently, on Letterboxd this movie has a sweet score of 2.1 and I can sadly see why this movie is so low on there.

Poster for Space Jam (2021) that shows LeBron James with Looney Tunes characters such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Sylvester the Cat

Since the publication of this review, Space Jam: A New Legacy made $163.7 million at the box office, with a budget of $150-300 million.

I saw this movie in a theatre with my friends, and when I went I was expecting it to be something on the lines of so-bed-it's-good, sadly this movie was just so bad and dear I say that it was my least favorite movie that I saw in 2021?

This was just a drag to watch, even with a bunch of my mates who are normally able to bounce off a bad movie and make it entertaining, but even with a group of people who are good at making fun with each other, this movie gave us nothing to bounce off of, nothing interesting happened - it was just a slow slog of LeBron James (or «King» as the movie kept on calling them) doing nothing interesting, even when there was a whole selection of fun cartoon characters that would have made the movie a whole lot more fun.

Sure, I can see if you like movies where the cast pat the back of one person, then this could be a lot of fun, but for me, all it was was just Warner Bros. showing off, practically telling me, the moviegoer, «Hey remember THIS? Yeah, that's right, you've seen Mad Max! Yo, look, it's Clockwork Orange! Crazy, lol, oh hey, it's Penny The Clown!» (mirror) - who was this movie made for?

A lot of this movie just sadly seems to me to be a shallow attempt to get a reaction from the viewer by showing them movies and IPs that they will hopefully have some attachment to.

When the gang gets back together, there is a scene where Yosemite Sam is in the movie Casablanca - What an odd choice of a movie to pick; why make a reference to that movie of all things? Kids aren't going to sit there and get it, I can get a scene about Batman and Superman, kids know those two, they are those cool guys who punch baddies in the tits, they are cool, but are kids, who are sitting through a U for Universal movie (in the UK, as raised by the BBFC), really going to get a Casablanca reference?

There's also a part of the movie that shows a clip of Austin Powers with Elmer Fudd inside of it, my God, is it the 1990s again?

Both movies came out in 1942 and 1999 respectfully.

In this movie, I just wanted to see some dumb action with the Looney Tunes acting like dumb cartoons, simply fighting and dicking around with each other like in the classic cartoons, not some boring scenes about LeBron James' family affairs, if I wanted to watch something to do with family affairs, I would turn on Eastenders and not pay £7.50 (10.43 USD as of 2021-08-03) on a crap sequel that shoves adverts, not only to do with other Warner Bros. IPs, but also other ones like Nike and Converse.

One thing that I will give credit to is the animation, which I liked for the most part, and I rather liked how they would change it up every so often (I especially liked the comic book style that Lola Bunny had), as well as mixing in cartoons with the real-life at the very end (oh, if only there was more of that where say, Bugs and Daffy would get to react to our world and not be in a dull sequel), although that must have only been for less than a minute.

Another thing that I didn't like about this movie was the whole game dev part of it, which was just bad and pointless. I don't know why it was even there, I can guess that it was put there as a way for children to project themselves onto Dom James (played by Cedric Joe), but it was just, again, pointless and did nothing but make the film even longer than it should have been.

If I had full control of the movie, I think I would have given Dom James so much more of a smaller role.

To sum the movie up in one word, and this really hurts to say, I think I would describe the overall vibe as just «boring». I was just bored throughout most of this film - I would not recommend this movie to most people, at most I would go on YouTube in a few years or so and find clips of the film that is of just the animation, but even then I would say that you should watch those clips with a person who is good at bouncing off of things and can bring out a good laugh in you.

Sadly, you should avoid this one.

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