This is your prime if you…

This was a YouTube comment left by Cass on this video (mirror).

Goo goo ga ga, hi guys, it's me, Aunt Cass here to say thank you to the uploader of this video. I have a six-year-old cousin that I was forced to look after due to his parents being involved in the US-Mexican cartel drug dealer industry, meaning I have to look after little old Jimmy here from the morning till whenever the authorities decide to release Mr and Misses Miller, but I am a busy woman, having to moderate a number of Discord servers (well, it should be «Discord guild», but whatever...) such as the Official Dream SMP one, my personal server for my kittens (meow), and let's not forget my anime server where myself and a number of highly trained kittens will watch anime for the soul purpose of making sure we index every time we see someone's feet in a show (soul pun very intended FYI) - oh, and in case you were wondering, I'm bisexual, so I don't care if the feet are from a guy, a gal, or some other gender (#LoveIsLove).

But anyway, this is a long way if saying that I have a lot on my plate all at once and adding little Jimmy to the mix is just too much for a dark and mysterious elf such as myself. This is where you come in. THANK YOU to the YouTubers who upload these videos, they really make me happy to know that this generation of children will grow up with memories that they will want to cherish forever... I remember when I was a little lass, growing up in the countryside of England, all I did when I was growing up was throw rocks at old men, church windows, and set fire to small animals such as frogs and chickens, so it brings joy to my ageing face that children today will grow up with videos like «This is your prime if you…» and «Pepper Pig 2023 Full HD Movie Indian Dub #Funny #Full #Free» - it makes me smile.

On my phone, I have the official YouTube app where I spend my waking moments in bed watching YouTube Shorts. Think of stuff like canman18, Logan Paul, and Best of Family Guy, so it's really cool that I can add you to the list of YouTubers who I can say are King.

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Oh, and yes, I know that my name is Aunt Cass; I am very aware of the other Cass from Big Hero 6, I too think that the memes were really funny, ah ha ha!

Cass over and out!

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