Bye MrBeast Bar #shorts

This was a YouTube comment left by Cass on this video (mirror).

Hey man, thanks a lot for this useful video, I watched it more than a dozen times, really entertaining, I especially liked the cartoon sound effects to keep the dumb iPad kids entertained as much as a stoner would be.

Speaking of getting stoned, one of my friends, in Minecraft, gave me some edible weed the other week, in Minecraft, and IDFK what my issue was, but man, that shit did not do anything for me. Now, I was admittedly at the tail end of a night out drinking, so a lot of alcohol was in my system, but here's the thing, my friend got fried on the stuff, and they consume a lot of the HMS Goodshit a lot of the time. I don't know, it was kind of unfair, especially as I've never tried the stuff before (in Minecraft), so idk what the deal with that could have been.

Anyway, the video, yeah, I'd imagine that this really would be the perfect YouTube Short for when someone is zonked out on God Knows What, but it sure would be strong. Like, imagine just scrolling and you see some dickhead (no offence, I mean that in a nice way), but some dickhead just unwraps a stupid Mr. Beast chocolate bar, put it in some stupid bag, succ the life out of it, then put the bastard into a goddamn Frying Pan and Finally (for a second time) bonk it with... I didn't even know what that is, I'm a farmer, not a chef, but bonk it and some goofy ahh sound plays.

God, I would have lost it if I was stoned out of my head, thank you Lord Jesus for showing me this while I'm sober or I would have died, for real, no cap, on god.

With that all being said, I really don't care for Mr. Beast, like, he gives away loads of money? Okay, so he's like the opposite of the IRA, or, wait, no, IRS, but anyway, the only thing that I care about with Mr. Beast is Kris, I know she's not reading this, but holy shit, I love that bitch, just the idea that she's pissing off so many 15-year-olds by existing is so goddamn funny. I'm sorry, but I always laugh hard when I see posts like «I miss the old Cris Frowning Face emoji (☹️).» or whatever. Girl, I love you.

Also, shoutout to Sam Smith. Not played a goddamn song by them, but they piss off TERFs so much on Twitter that it's hilarious to behold. Everything they do is amazing, like one time they dressed up as a devil or whatever, TERFs lost it. Amazing. Sam is also a bad bitch (gender neutral) - not gonna listen to your music, not my thing, but don't stop.

Uhhh, oh, David Tennant, also based as fuuuuccckkkk, God bless you, really. Like, what a guy, I love that man so much, he's such an ally, bless.

What was this comment about again? Oh yes, so the weed thing. So yeah, it did nothing to me at all, plus my friend had the same amount (in Minecraft), so IDK, what was also strange was that they were zoned out real fast after, god, I feel like I felt 100 percent fine. Perhaps it's the autism that made me act normal, like, it's an autistic kryptonite, after all, autism is my superpower Face with raised eyebrow emoji (🤨). Face with raised eyebrow emoji (🤨). Face with raised eyebrow emoji (🤨).

Anyway, keep up the good videos, stoners and 11-year-olds around the world need you more than ever.

Cass over and out.

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