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Made: 2021-09-08

ZX colors

Colors that can be shown on the ZX Spectrum[001].

After not using MS Paint (or even anything to do with Microsoft) for, God, over five months, I decided that I would draw Xania the Linux fox girl, but it quickly turned into me drawing an almost furry version of Dracula, so I thought what the hell? Let's draw Dracula, after all, they *were* a furry!

I was originally going to only draw this in black, white, and red, but I thought it would be fun if I were to make it so the only colors* that I could use would be the ones found on the ZX Spectrum, a British home computer (the colors that can be used on it are seen on the right).

It's a little funky, but you know what, we need a little funk in our life... or undead life! (wait, are vampires undead??) Can you just imagine someone walking down the street in these colors? My sweet Lord, it would stand out.

As the colors are a little... strange... I welcome you to feel free and edit around this drawing and see if you can make the colors from the ZX work better, or hell, make some art USING the colors, that would be really cool to see!

*I am sorry to my fellow Brits on here, but I use American English online... I have failed you all.

References & other information

001: File:Zx-colors.png

Image has also been posted on FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/43624024/

And also on AcidMail: https://wiki.neozones.club/index.php?title=AcidMail/issue17b

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