Neocities Drama: What We Know

Hey y'all, welcome back to yet another edition of Neocities Drama, the only place online where you know the facts are all true and the host is as drunk as anything. What's up crew? It's ya girl, DJ OwlGal AKA Cass. What's up, forum? Hello?

Artwork of an owl with a big black beird eating popcorn with a triangel hat that says «sex» on, behind this owl is the text saying «Drurama».

Art by Bruno A., used with concent.

This week's fanart, by Bruno A. of ya gal, DJ xxx_owlgal69_xxx.

What a crazy week it has been for drama on Neocities, for sure, I'm not even fully sure as to where to start, but first, let's have a look at this week's sponsor, Going Outside. Have you ever gotten tired of all of the stupid children on places like YouTube, Shitter's Anomus, and Cumguzzalers Forum? Well, good news, you can go log off your crummy Chrome laptop, go outside, and experience nirvāṇa. Right now, Going Outside is offering a 100% discount for this offer with zero risk payment in the form of you getting to experience fresh air. Bring a camera or something so you can take photos of some birds, IDK, it's up to you.

Going Outside - Come on, touch grass!

Let's begin this week's issue of Neocities Drama with the discourse between Pissmagnet, CumEaterFan462 and pissshitter777. From what we understand, it all started on Discord where Pissmagnet was talking to friend CumEaterFan462 over their dislike of pissshitter777, who you might remember got into hot water a month ago after being charged over a bomb plot in 2017, in relation to the IRA. Let's take a look at what one of our men-in-the-middle sent us from Pissmagnet's private Discord server:

Discord screenshot
Pissmagnet: Oh my God, not going to lie, but pissshitter777 is such a bitch

CumEaterFan426: I know, i hate her so much girl

FartLover720 is typing.

Oh my God! This is insanity and hard to believe, but Pissmagnet is openly admitting to disliking pissshitter777 despite them collaborating with them on Pissmagnet's 2020 single «I love Piss (Bitch) (ft. pissshitter777)».

We were contacted by ShitNippes a day later, who told us that both Pissmagnet and CumEaterFan426 both carried on talking about hating pissshitter777 for over six hours, only being broken up when they decided to talk about the best way to eat raw shit out of the toilet (it's with a spoon).

pissshitter777 fired back, saying «Bitch, STFU, I made you, so shut your bitch ass-mouch, u knw for a fact that the best way to eat shit is from a place, dumb bitxh». Intense content from these lot, we're expecting to see a diss track on Pissmagnet and CumEaterFan426 to be published on Unicorn Fart Videos any day now after talking to pissshitter777 herself. She even implied that it might feature someone else, we don't know who it could be, but people on the Cum Drinking Forums all suspect that Sir Elton John will be the special guest, as he recently started to follow pissshitter777, but only time can tell...

Despite all this, it's not been a good week at all for pissshitter777, as on Cum Dogs, the social media platform with over one user, people refound information that they were found to have given birth in a Discord voice chat. Truly vile stuff, if true.

If you missed last week's episode, you would have missed our report on how DickLicker666 stole the code to RamJamHole's shitcum.css, for the part on how you set the background to your website, then we discussed the time that CumRobot cannibalized the sister of SoundingFan9000 after he ate CumRobot's mother. Juicy stuff, so if you don't want to miss an update, follow our channel or I'll cuck you.

Back to reporting. In other news, PissShitter1488 kidnapped... dognapped? ... the dog of SoundingHole666 after they were found to have stolen the code from PissShitter1488's cummies.html. Lucky the Scottish Deerhound, aged five, is the dog of both SoundingHole666 and their wife and sister, PhatCockStickMick. In a statement on Twitter, PhatCockStickMick wrote the following:

Twitter screenshot from PhatCockStickMick of @cum saying:

Hey btch boy @penisman, keep my fuckin dag, he barks all of teh time

Juicy stuff for sure. We will be sure to keep y'all updated on this breaking event.

Finally, we have hot news from CutieWhore, who wrote on their website «I'm fucking sick and tired of DJ OwlGal AKA Cass reporting on every little move that anyone here ever does. Cass, I'm coming for you. I am going to tear your skin off and eat it. You better run». Fascinating stuff. Previously, CutieWhore had sent Cass Python photos of their Worfordshire house via post in a letter written in a red substance, there was also hair in this letter. Cass, also known as OwlyFans, was then reported to have «pissed their pants» in fear.

It is expected that CutieWhore will break into Cass' house tonight at 06:46 UK time, killing them.

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