A Bad Review of: Chickens Scared by Torpedo (1887)

A lot of the shorts from this time seem to be of mostly nude people walking, and I can kind of understand that as it is a better way to study the human body and also that no-one was seemly harmed during the filming of it; I am aware that the attitudes of people have certainly changed a lot since this was filmed in the late 1880s, but I'm not exactly sure as to why this was made in the first place, even at the time.

I have been trying to think about this when I first saw this on 2021-07-09, the most common thought of mine as to why this was made is that it was meant to be of a type of comedy that perhaps people of the Victorian era found to be amusing - if not, the only other thing that I can think as to why this was made would be for artists to better understand as to how a chicken would be seen during a flight.

I am personally not all that sure that an artist would need (or even perhaps be able to afford) to have this movie on hand as a reference.

On the IMDb bio for this short, the storyline says that it is a «locomotion study by [Eadweard] Muybridge», I suppose it is in a way, although this really does reflect the attitudes towards animals (or at least Muybridge's opinions) and that they are here for our own fun and that we may be cruel too, rather than something that should be cared for, or even left alone.

I would hope that if something like this were made today, then it would be hated, although knowing people, I suspect that a lot of people would be more than okay with it.

For myself, I am not sure how to fully 'review' this, as I am not from the Victoria era and my knowledge of the time is mostly thanks to the UK schools that I went to.

I suppose if you are interested in the history of film, then you can watch this, but if you're just a normal person who likes to browse the Web, then I would watch something else - have you seen The Magic Rosette (La Rosace Magique, 1879) by Émile Reynaud? It was made a few years after this was, but it is not only in color, but no animals get harmed.

Am I just being a perry snowflake being offended over your favourite movie while I drink my Starbucks vegan coffee while on my Mac that my daddy got me? Who knows, but I'm not going to use the feature of adding stars on this short, but just know that my true thought of it is that while it is very, very old, it still shows an animal needlessly in distress, something that is cruel and should not be excepted.

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