You're a mean one, Mr. Griffin

This was a YouTube comment left by Cass on this video (mirror), a video that she uploaded to her own YouTube.

Wow dude, looks like you made another banger video, I should really like and sub to you, but like, not sub in the weird way, you know. Oh well, goo goo gah gah, I'm a dumb YouTube kid baby who watches Baby Shark family friendly videos all day while mommy and daddy are either in the TV room watching old episodes of Breaking Bad or are in the living room making Tik Tok videos that will be reacted by Sssniperwolf (another YouTuber that I love to watch a lot of the time as she is really funny, LOL).

Anyway, I think that you should all like, share, reblog, repost, reboop, shit, piss, poop this video for all of your friends and family. Trust me, I showed this one to my mom and she found it to be really awesome. She's a big fan of watching YouTube Shorts and TikToks, so this was extra hard for her to watch. Not only was it not in portrait, but also there was no text-to-speech voice, so honestly, big ay-up to Mig Moma Cass (not me) for watching this (although 30 seconds in, she did bring out her own phone and started to watch Subway Surfer gameplay).

This is all a long way of saying that what she did made my mouth drop open. Yes, that's right. She got out her 2023 iPod iPhone Apple laptop desktop computer that runs Arch Linux on, poped in a CD (Cee Deez nuts) and burned this song onto it, so now every time we're driving in the car, we hear this bad boy of a song playing.

We just love the smart and funny lyrics of it, the way that DogsEatingDogs6 (good username BTW (By The Way)) sings about how Peter Griffin is a mean one is really funny, but also true, is it not? But yeah, we sing this A LOT in the car, and we're in the car a lot. I don't believe in 15-minute cities at all as my dad told me that it's liberal cuck BS, so that's why we're hooked on driving our car. And what a car! She's a Tesla model H4 69 (evil number!) that Elon Musk himself used to shit in the charging port and then close the flap thing, making all of the shit go over the car. God, what a guy. Sometimes I wish that he was my dad. He's such a wojack 4chan Reddit chad.

So yeah... This is a long way of saying that you should subscribe and follow Mr. Beeeeaaasssttt!! (LOL) on YouTube. I love his videos so much, but I also have to admit that he's a little bit of a cuck.... I mean, one of his friends is transgrander (ew) and I'm like 15, so seeing any LGBT+ people makes me gag. Trans people are stupid, you should be happy with the way GOD made you [puts on glasses]. But look, it's okay that Mr. Beast is a cuck, for you see, I'm a centrist and think that both sides make #valid points.

«Aw Cass» (that's me by the way (BTW), my name is Cass, I'm Cass, Cass, Cass, Cass) «Aw, Cass, why did you have to make it so political and woke :(».

Goo goo gah gah, I want to eat baby food, oooh, look at that cool wall socket, I wonder what would happen if I were to put a knife in there? Yeah side, because it really ruined your day that I had to bring up Mr. Beeeast being an ally, I am quaking in my boots right now thinking about how the le 9GAG Army will make memes about me being a soywoke loser, oh nooo. Yeah dude, I have, like, better things to do? Do you know how many Andrew Tate Shorts I can watch in the time you make even one meme? I'm sorry, but you kind of have to admit that, errrm, Andrew Tate is so cool. As a 14-year-old boy from the suburbs of England, I really like the way that Tate is honest about women, I agree that we should be allowed to just eat women alive and cook them in a big pot for about half an hour at 200'c and uh uhh uhhh, crap died, I'm running out of funny things to say, snoooort, oh yeah, sorry, that was me taking DRUGS!! as we all know, you need to be high!! to post such a long rant of a comment.

Uh dude, have you ever thought about the fact that I, Cass, just happen to be really funny? No? You were too busy watching canman18 Shorts on YouTube Dot Com? Wow, that's so cool. Anyway kid, I'm really evil so I have better things to do, like bully Australian children over the Internet, sooo, good luck with whatever you were doing!!

Wow, this post was really worth reading, do you have anything else to advertise here Cass as this is a video you uploaded? Errrm, sure kitten, I'm being paid by big glasses to say that you should stare at the sun for a long amount of time.

«Too far»? Yeah dude, I'm sure that these losers will really do that and not stay indoors for all day. People say that it's sad that kids are inside all of the time, but I think it's really useful as it means I have a lot of opportunities to do an ungodly amount of time to do poppers out in the park with my gay boyfriend who likes to wear black t-shirts with My Little Pony OCs on while they have ripped jeans on and has a pair of headphones on their head playing «Stoned» by Smash Mouth on loop. Crap dude, that kind of sounds awesome... Are there any 20-to-25 year-old guys (optional) out there who want to do that with me? Bonus if we get to kiss at the end, haha.

Anyway, I got to go now, mommy said that I need to go to bed now as she wants to watch American Dad on TV.

Cass over and out!

Copyright 2023-08-14 - by Cass «Owly» Python, licensed under the FOPL-MDP. Please see humans.html for full credit and thanks. Peace and love.