Tiny Xenia

Hello all, hope you're having a good December, if you're from the future, I hope you're having a terrible time Mutant Standard Emoji showing a happy cat face. Ah ha haa, just joking, you're... mostly cool.

So, what is this all about? Wasn't the last blog post a massive piss-take?, Why, yes it was, I like how you're a fast learner here, but this blog is also used to show off my... great art, such as this one that's of my wife, Xenia. Sorry, I mean «waifu». The original was 128x128 and I intend to make it into a Minecraft map art (still working on that), so in the meantime, here's yet another fanart from me of the Linux fox girl - yipee

Behind the trans pride flag, we see Xenia, who is an anthro foxgirl with red and white fur. She has round glasses and is smiling. She has a t-shirt that says «Linux» on. Her blonde hair is tied up with a red hairband.

Next to her is a purple love heart.

The art was made in Pinta and is under the same license as the rest of the website.


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