Xenia and James Art Trade

This was first posted to Fur Affinity in 2022, but reformatted and posted to owly.fans in 2023 with some text changed.

In 2022, Cass made the worst mistake of her life and made an art trade with Justin, a racist, homophobic, misogynist asshole who can only think about James the Cat and feet. This is the story.

Justin and James

Made: 2022-07-25

This was my part of an art trade that I did with someone called Justin who really likes James the Cat - I kind of regret making this as this person tried to scam and blackmail me after.

Behind a green field, a black cat is blushing as he lusts over James the Cat's paws.

[Not My Art] Xenia Art Trade First

Made: 2022-07-25

Here is the first sketch that was given to me as my James the Cat art trade, this sketch might have been done by the person that I did the trade with, Justin, or an artist friend of his who wishes to stay unknown.

A very early sketch of what looks to be the outline of a human body.

[Not My Art] Xenia Art Trade Second

Made: 2022-07-25

The second Xenia the Linux Fox sketch made for an art trade. This was made by an artist who wishes to remain unknown (I don't even know their name), but was not made by Justin, who lied and said that he did the art for this.

A bust of an anthro foxgirl looking at us, the viewer. She is smiling. The only color on her is her strawberry blonde hair - not even her t-shirt has color.

[Not My Art] Xenia Art Trade Third and Final

Made: 2022-07-25

Here is the final artwork that I got out of the Xenia and James the Cat art trade. This was not worth my time, but the art was made by an artist who wishes to stay uncredited, it doesn't matter if they wanted to stay uncredited or not as I don't even know their name anyway.

What's kind of sad was that this was the first art trade that I did with another person and it turned into a shitshow real fast.

A headshot of Xenia, an anthro foxgirl, with red fur and a black t-shirt. She has long strawberry blonde hair that is tied up in a pink, white, and blue hairband. She is looking at us and is smiling.

[Not My Art] Xenia Art Trade: (NOT) Justin's Work

Made: 2022-09-10

After twisting Justin's arm not to scam me and actually draw Xenia and not get one of his only friends to draw art for him, he sent me this artwork that is his, I have my doubts that it was really by Justin at all as he has lied to me in private countless times. This artwork is shitty and was only made as a way for him to see my feet as he is a scummy person and should be avoided at all costs, not only for lying but also for being racist (he called other people and myself the N-word many times and has given his support of the KKK of all things - what a gamer), a misogynist, queerphobic despite being bisexual, and overall shifty.

He's also into blackmail, posting other people's feet pictures, calling anyone who does not make artwork of James the Cat a «cunt and paedophile», saying that anyone who wants to be paid for a commission of James that also, misgenders people, pretends that he is other people in a way of tricking myself (and failing within seconds), and so much more.

What Justin gave to me sucks and is one of the worst artworks that I have seen, perhaps he was using his non-dominate hand when making this as he was jerking himself off? Who knows, either way, this sucks and I hope Justin is ashamed of what he did (no way that he would be).

What a ride.

An anthro foxgirl is looking at the viewer, she has red fur and round glasses. She is smiling and has a black t-shirt on that says «Cool» on it.

[Not My Art] Okay, Justin clearly made this

Made: 2023-04-23

I first met Justin, as of this post, 272 days ago on 2022-07-25 when I asked if he wanted to do an art trade with me. He said yes, but since then he has lied to me, been racist, xenophobic towards me, makes fun of my bisexuality a lot (despite thinking that he is in a romantic and sexual relationship with James the Cat and has three(?) cat children - so is also bi), hoped that I kill myself, has harassed Kate Canning (the person who made James) by trying to get her to draw James as he «genuinely deserve[s] something for being such a big fan» and has tried to get me to contact her also. Jesus dude.

Oh, he also still harasses people to draw James.

But, after months of Justin scamming me, he finally gave me this horrible art of Xenia. Good Lord, this is terrible and looks like shit.

First off, this artwork of Xenia that he said was made by him after I called him out on getting his only friend to draw him art, was, as I thought, Not Made By Him.

Fucking hell man.

Okay, onto the artwork. Where to even start?

Why is her nose so big? Why did Justin pick such a thick pen?

Her glasses. Why do they look like that? Why gray? Should they not be, like, a darker orange to match Xenia's fur? Why does her hair look like that? Why does it look like total shit?

I like that she is smiling, almost like she is not in total pain right now. Good Lord Justin, have some fucking pride in your work, you fucking misogynist asshole.

This is as terrible as you are a human and really shows me how little effort you put into anything.

. . .

You know, on Twitter, I searched up James the Cat, just to see what there was. There were the usual «beware of this james the cat guy» posts, but I also saw some stuff from this woman in her thirties who clearly had James as her special interest. I'm not here to shun people for what they like - that would be rude, but I could only feel sorry for her as she would clearly know about Justin and some of what he did as he would ruin the show for her.

Look, I know that Justin won't read this as he doesn't care about his reputation. All he cares about is James and keeping the status quo of his life the same, even after I told him how to speak to his general practitioner about his issues, so I'll say this. I'm also a fucking weird person, just look at my favorites on my FA or Twitter, it's either going to be weird fetish art or Xenia, but look dude, I really like Xenia, I think she looks cool and the idea of her is neat, but it would be wrong of me to harass random people online to draw her, and when they don't, I call them slurs. That would make me the asshole.

Just fucking commission people to draw James, get off your high horse of thinking that artists shouldn't get paid for their labor (for some fucking reason) and stop being a twat.

Also you're not going to see my feet lol

What looks like a child's drawing of an anthro fox with orange and white fur. She has blonde hair and a t-shirt that says «Linux» on.

Copyright 2023-07-25 - by Cass «Owly» Python, licensed under the FOPL-MDP. Please see humans.html for full credit and thanks. Peace and love.