Thank You Gift Towards @styluscat

An SVG of a notepad and pencil.

Corrections and Updates

After the publication of this blog post, catwithastylus has changed her Tumblr handle to @styluscat.

The URL and title of this blog have been updated. Before it was «Thank You Gift Towards @catwithastylus», however despite this, the filenames of catwithastylus.png and catwithastylus_bg.png will not be updated.

This update was published on 2023-09-09.

Hi all, Cass here to show off this drawing that I made for @styluscat after she was kind enough to draw my own OC, Pitt the Bat.

Furry artwork showing an anthro cat (I think) with glasses doing the v for victory hand sign. They have pink hair and big ears and are smiling, She also has a collar on and a grey t-shirt.

Artwork was made in Pinta, background found here.

Thank you again for your kind artwork! Purple heart emoji (💜). Purple heart emoji (💜). Purple heart emoji (💜).


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