An Open Letter To Roxy Music

Hey Roxy, it's ya gal Cass here, AKA your biggest fan to say screw the other people saying that you should come to Bosnia (what even is that?), what you should do is come to Manchester and meet up with me, trust me Roxy, we will have a Wild time there.

«But Cass» (that's you speaking by the way), «But Cass, why Manchester?» Um, Ever heard of the amount of dr00gz there? And before some loser says something like «Umm, Roxy Music would never take drugz Nerd face emoji (🤓).Index finger pointing up emoji (☝️).», first off, shut up? second, Come On Dude, these guys look like they did line after line of the 'white stuff' back in the day at the back of some weird pub with Iggy Pop and/or David Bowie (and by «white stuff», I ain't talking about the shop).

Look, this is just a long way of saying that you should come to Manchester. Okay, okay, I know what you're thinking poor brand manager who might delete this comment, «I get why my client would love to try some whacky stuff, but why Manchester? Why not LA or London?»

First off, London? Really? That's what your mind went to first? Geez, yeah bud, I would bet that Roxy would Love to play at the craphole that is called London. Mmmmm, yeah, like I would want to be in the same city as the rat-faced twit (I want to say the harder t-word, but I don't want the amazing YouTube to punish me !!) bar stall (see what I did there?) known as Rishi Sunak (I legit hate this man).

And as for LA? LOL, nice one.

Okay, let's talk about the benefits of playing live at Manchester, are ya ready, Discord kittens?

Anyway, thank you for your time here Roxy, love ya music

Signature of Cass Python.

Copyright 2023-07-25 - by Cass «Owly» Python, licensed under the FOPL-MDP. Please see humans.html for full credit and thanks. Peace and love.