Score 18; or How To Make Minecraft Hardcore Even Harder

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Corrections and Updates

Fake Minecraft player spotted! When this was first published, I said that the player's tools should go from wood > stone > gold, however, you can't mine gold with a brick pickaxe, so I added the part about finding gold in chests.

This update was published on 2023-09-09.

So, sometimes I like to watch Minecraft YouTubers who make videos that are on the lines of «I survived 100 days on Minecraft hardcore», but there's always a tipping point in the video and it's usually when the player decides to trade with villagers, grinding away to get them to sell a stack of mending for one dirt or whatever OP enchantment they may get. Once the YouTuber gets powerful enchantments on their tools, it kind of becomes a fact that the risk of dying has fallen to null and the fun factor for the video goes down a little too.

Drawn artwork showing a person with a frog hat on their head sitting on a floating island. They have a diamon pixaxe, brown hair, green wellies, and pink pants. Behind them is a house with a creeper inside, looking outside.

While Rana has not been in the game since 2009, they never stopped being cute.

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I feel like at this point it just becomes... Repetitive, especially if you're like me and like to binge these videos in the background while you do whatever, so! As a way of The hot pepper emoji (🌶️). spicing The hot pepper emoji (🌶️). things up, I've come up with a few suggestions on how to make Minecraft Hardcore even harder (oh, and yes, all of these are only suggestions and if you want to do your own thing, please go wild Winking emoji (😉).).

No Totems of Undying

I honestly feel like these are the worst when watching videos on hardcore, especially when the YouTuber will have a good four or five in their inventory - this item really takes away a lot of the suspension in the video as you know that the player won't be truly punished for making a bad move.

The issue that I find with a lot of items in Minecraft is that I think, while they would work fine in places like servers, they can be a little... overpowered in single-player worlds.

I will make one exception in the form of achievements; the player may use the totem only once, but that should be for the purpose of getting the Postmortal achievement.

No Trading Halls

Trading with pre-existing villagers is okay, but manipulating them, such as getting them to breed, isn't.

The only exception is getting star trade, but you may use this villager only once.

I Love The Night

Only skip the night to stop phantoms. Yep, I honestly feel like Notch adding beds was a mistake as it takes away a lot of the tention in having to survive the night, so that's why you can only sleep in one once you see a phantom.

I think it would also be fun if someone were to disable phantoms altogether, meaning that the night can never be skipped.

Drawing of Steve holding a iron pickaxe in their hand while whistling. They are by a small beach as a bee flies by.

Life could be a dream!

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You have to upgrade from weakest to strongest without skipping. You should go from wooden tools, to stone, gold, to iron, diamond, then netherite (you can't upgrade the pre-existing diamond tools, so you effectively need to make two sets of diamonds).

Following this, you must go from chainmail armor (optional) to gold armor, leather, iron, diamond, and netherrite (again, you can't upgrade your pre-existing armor).

So in other words, you can't start out with a wooden axe and then upgrade to iron, you need to go wood, stone, iron, gold (optional), then diamond, and finally netherite.

While you cannot mine gold via a wooden or stone pickaxe, you can still find gold in chests, like by a ruined portal or shipwrecks, saying that, this can kind of be hard, so skipping gold tools is fine in my book.

No Beacons

They are too OP. Killing the wither is still fine.

No Mending Books

Mending really takes a lot of the fun out of a tool if you know that you're going to have it for the rest of the 100 days. Now, with that being said, you can merge two tools together to make the durability higher.

Ender Dragon Fight

When fighting the Ender Dragon, you are not allowed to carry a water bucket, a bow and arrow, or a crossbow.

End Thoughts

This blog was very much inspired by this Luke TheNotable video (mirror) where he shows off his hardcore world and talks about how he cannot be killed in it, and while I follow Luke on YouTube and watch their videos, I think that the idea of having a world where the risk of dying is almost inpossible just takes away a lot of the excitement of what makes hardcore hardcore.

Of course, this blog is only a fact, all of it is true, you must play the exact same way as I do!

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