There is One Wug

Made: 2021-09-15

Licence: CC0


The other day on a Discord server that I run, we were talking about wugs after I posted a quick chalk drawing I made and a friend of mine asked what wugs are - just to recap, this is the second artwork of a wug that I have published on here, so if you want an overview of what they are,a nd why this art is CC0, read the bio for this art here

This was made in Tux Paint and... yeah, it kind of shows. It's not the *best* thing that I have ever made, plus I gave this wug arms (or fins, depending on if you think a wug is a fish or bird) - I guess this could have been me taking influence from PinkWug - who knows! (By the way, I really like this comic here)

ANYWAY! As I said, I don't feel like this is the best thing that I have ever made, and to be honest, I might remake this in MS Paint (I will try and do that today, 2020-09-16), but we will see, won't we?

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Copyright 2021-09-16 - by Cass «Owly» Python, licensed under the FOPL-MDP. Please see humans.html for full credit and thanks. Peace and love.