This Day Changed Tate's Life Forever

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Corrections and Updates

As of the date of this correction, the YouTube video that this comment was posted on has been deleted and the below URL now goes to a 404.

Despite this, the video was basically one of those Andrew Tate videos that was oversaturated and just Tate going on about some rubbish that his fanboys love to eat up.

This update was published on 2023-09-24.

This was a YouTube comment left by Cass on this video (mirror).

Hey guys, it's me, Steve from the hit 2011 game "Minecraft" here to talk to the young men in this comment section and anyone else who might also stumble upon this. While growing up in the early 2000s, I was exposed to a lot of online content that featured anti-SJW and anti-feminist propaganda, such as with YouTubers like the Amazing Atheist - it was treated like us men were the target of angry women who simply wanted to take many of our rights away from us and become more well off compared to men, but in reality, that was far from the truth; sure there were a few women who wanted to really have more power than men, but they were certainly only splinter groups, in most cases, women simply wanted to be treated equally the same as their male counterparts; think of stuff like same pay, awareness to workplace harassment, having the same amount of say as men in board meetings - things like that.

Sadly, as a growing mind, I really thought that all of this hate that I was fed was true, I really thought that women were out to get men and people like Emma Wattson were terrible people as they should know their place.

Anyway, the long and short is that I turned 14.

As an adult, I am more socially aware of issues that younger people face, one of them is Andrew Tate. Oh boy, I've seen this before.

I'm a farmer, and that means that I get to be outside a lot, away from the Internet with my best friends like Alex, Efe, Kai, Sunny, and loads of other friendly people who join my Minecraft world. We talk about a lot of things like what to do with all of our cows, what to do with all of our diamonds, and also sexism. Look guys, while I may only be from Minecraft, I can tell that a lot of you have been taken for a ride with this Andrew Tate dickhead - okay, let me be honest with you; women, men, and anyone else should be treated with the same respect as you'd want to be treated with and just because Andrew Tate has loads of money in the world, it doesn't matter, what matters is that you are happy.

I understand that most of you reading this live in a Capitalist world where having money is important, but what really matters is your own happiness and the happiness that you give to other people. Can't you see that the Twitter accounts that you all follow are full of angry men who are pissed off at the world? How does it feel to wake up every day, turn on your phone, and see your feed full of posts degrading you and belittling you on the fact that you need to make more money and that people are out to get you?

I don't have a phone or even a computer as I am only in Minecraft, but when I wake up, I wake up happy as I know that every day will be an adventure that I can have with my friends to make them impressed, not with the amount of cars I have or how many Minecraft women I have banged, but with how much I can improve their day and make them smile. I love knowing that I made a change in this Minecraft world, even if it is only a little one - I do it, not for reward as there is no physical one, but for the knowledge that, even for a second, I make someone proud of me.

I love to make people smile in Minecraft.

Oh, also you're all stupid as the red pill is meant to be HRT.

Anyway, I know that I'm not going to change many of your minds, but some of you will grow up and look back on this part of your life, and remember this, if you cringe that you were like that, that's good! It's good to cringe at your past as it's proof that you've changed as a person for (hopefully) the better.

Also to piss the rest of you off, I will now say a number of woke things that I believe in [clears throat] Trans Rights Are Human Rights, Black Lives Matter, women should get equal pay, ACAB, Donald Trump is a fascist.

Okay, Minecraft Steve out!

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