The title for the page that is text that is on fire saying «I hate Tux».

my god, my sweet lord do i hate tux the penguin

tux, you have had it too good for too long my friend. this is a callout post made on my owly dot fans website where anyone can see and r e a d this for themselvs, so that they get to findout just how much of a lil...little scumbag you are... god you make my blood boil with rage just thinking baout you, you are one smug bastard, my lord. i want to hit you over teh head with a baseball bat!

an edited image of tux where they have red eye and an angrey look on their face - 'i suck fartz', tux is saying.

okay... i am jumping the gun a little bit, so i might as well break down why i hate tux the penguin so much and to a lessur exstent, linux itself 1. linux is just dumb, why cant you just use windows?? hello?? earth to linux users, hello?? 2. sudo can such a fat one am i a slave to sudo or something? why do i always have to open up a terminial like some sort of hacker???? i am not going to open a termaiol. "oh sudo, can you please check my audio?", "can u (you) plz (please) fix my audio>??", "sudo can i lick you're boots????" - yeah, no t h ank you. i am 20 two and i alraeady know that windows is better than the mess that is linux...

linux is just dumb, okay?

...i am calm, okay? i am not anyey9p (angrey)... okay i am maddog, i am evil and also gay (more bi/pan but i use the term "gay" as more of an umbrella term in this case) and i am also transgeener the mutant standard version for the trans flag emoji (🏳️‍⚧️) (no terfs) so that measn i know what i am on about... im also on mastodong dot gov so that means that i am aware of open sourec shnanagans and i can tell you for a god gosh fricking fact that linux sucks... sighs

oj knwmßsxz d

sorry, my dog walked on my keyboard, anyway