A Guide to NeoMail...

All the way back in 2016, MelonKing and Stranger Kawaii came up with the idea of making a mailing list for people who were on Neocities, that being (unofficial) Neocities mailing list, a unique way of staying in contact, that being via E-Mail.

The mailing list was quite popular, but with time it soon slowed down until it died one day, kind of a shame as it was fun, regardless, the reason why this archive was made is due to people just being unable to view the E-Mail letters of other people, so as a way for people to take a look in a bit of history that could have easily of been lost, this collection was made.

As this is meant to be an archive, errors that people made at the time have been preserved, for example on NeoMail -- Neocities defaulting to https, some of the links do not work. Related, but this also means that link rot will happen over time, meaning that addresses that people send will one day 404 - this will not be fixed.

For the sake of privacy, the E-Mail addresses of the people who took part have been removed