Issue 1: Beyond the Black

sigh. here we go.

Hellllo, Sexy People Mutant Standard Emoji of love hearts flying around a happy person (smile_hearts.svg).

A white rabbit, that looks oddly sexy, is holding up two carrots with the text saying 'Protect your eyes - Maintain a proper diet?'

Fun fact: The idea of carrots helping your eyes was Allie propaganda that was made as a way to trick the Axis into not knowing that they were using the newly-invented radar.

For this issue, we are sponsored by carrots. Enjoy a nice carrot today, after all, it -- woah, is that rabbit looking' fine or is it just me? The Mutant Standard Emoji of the eyes emoji (eyes.svg).

Artwork by Office for Emergency Management and is public domain. Found via Wikimedia - click for full resolution image.

[Jumps off of car roof onto wheelchair]

Oh hey, what's up? Long time no see, say, did you do something new with your hair? You look... great..., uhhh, anyway, welcome to issue one of nb21, this is really issues two as we already had a first issue, but that was only a pilot, so calling it the first is kind of, sort of, wrong. Hmm.

Anyway, this issue we will take a peek at, wow, art, some very nice hand-picked websites, as well as a very cool photo that we are just oh so sure that you will love. Why are we taking so long to get to the good parts? Come on, let's get to the realmeat and potatoes of this issue, that's right, the sponsor! (Crap)

This Issue's Sponser

For the first issue of nb21, we are proud to say that we have teamed up with the people that brought you parsnips to bring you carrots. Have you ever wanted to enjoy a vegetable that you can not only feed yourself but also your horse? Want to have a vegetable that is orange but not a fruit? Well, good news, for carrots are here for you and your eating pleasure.

Up until next week, carrots are offering a 100% discount on all carrots that you have grown in your own allotment (the offer is worldwide).

Put 'em in a stew, put 'em in a pie, put 'em in some food - so come on, get a carrot in ya'!

Check Out This Art, Yo

Hey dork, yeah you, nerd! You like art, don't ya? You like looking at art on your 2017 Samsung tablet, don't you? We can just tell that you do, it's clear in your eyes that you are going to enjoy this next part. So sit right down and enjoy this, okay??

Edit of an Mutant Standard Emoji for the herb emoji (leaf.svg).Edit of an Mutant Standard Emoji for the rabbit emoji (rabbit.svg). by Lau

On Twitter [Nitter]

Hey nerd, you like classical art? You're a furfaaaa- furfan? Get your eyes on this, then.

In 1767 or so, French painter and printmaker Jean-Honoré Fragonard made The Swing, something that is now considered to not only be one of Fragonard's best known works, but also a masterpiece in its own right.

Despite how people feel about it today, the 1767 artwork was quite contaversial to say the least, but that's a story for this video - oh my.

A tarot care that shows a woman smoking while is he holding a green dog who has their mouth open. The text says �Le fuerza? with the number of the card being 11.

«tarot 11: strength» by Matthew Lopz is one of this issue's featured artwork. Is is just one example of the unique artwork by this Hunza-Colombian artiest.

Artwork is CC BY-NC-ND 3.0. Click for full resalution image.

jdfsdkfjghkrjrgjkfgkd by Kapten Charlie

On Fur Affinity

Look, bud, I'm a sucker for cute stuff liek this - and so are you -- or not, I don't know, I'm not you (sadly), either way, I feel like this is a very cute sketch by this sketch. Fun fact, screenreaders were put in mind while making this newsletter, so if you're using one, did you enjoy your poor little text-to-speech read out the name of the art? Sure hope so.

[When writting this, Cass had no idea that this was from «Summer Camp Island», whoops.]

tarot 11: strength by Matthew Lopz

On Newgrounds

Tarrow cards normally look cool, but the ones made by Matthew Lopz look extra cool. A lot of the art by Lopz, something that can be seen on his Newgroudns has a very unique look to them, partly to the use of the colors used in them and, of couse, the stalisation that has been given to his charaters.

Another example of his art that I am quite fond of would be Considering to sell my Soul, that has an almost cult-like feeling to it.

This particaler artwork can be seen on the right.

Herobrine vs Steve by Br.kennedy.lucas

On Wikimedia Commons [Local copy, fedi]

Very cool artwork by Br.kennedy.lucas that takes infuance from the block-building game, Minecraft, showing the voilent battle between Herobrine, the urban legend and creepypasta who haunts single-player Minecraft worlds, and the player, seen here as Steve. I give credit here to Br.kennedy.lucas for the use of putting the name of the computer game at the very top center of the peice, almost as a way of getting us, the viewer, to just remember just how big the game was to us growing up.

The anger in Steve's face is almost funny in a way and can be seen as an almost commenty on how some players can react while playing games, especally ones with mulit-player. Herobrine, on the other hand, shows us anger. He's pissed off - prehaps could it be that Steve did something to anger him - destroy a part of the world that he did not want touched, prehaps?

(I supect that this was made by the child of Br.kennedy.lucas, mostly due to the fact that this WIkimedia user has uploaded a lot of work that a child would not have intrest in, but will still be credited under this name, for contanuity sake.)

Update: Before this issue was published, the worst happied... Herobrine vs Steve.jpg got deleted from Wikimedia Commons as User:Hellknowz does not «see a realistic scenario where this fictional imagining losely based on a video game can be used for any educational purpose or any purpose really» - for shame.

I guess that the Internet is serious business!

No Smoking by Shaggi

On Twitter [Nitter, FA]

I feel like if you really get to know me, Cass Python, then you will find out two things: first is that I am really funny, kind of a shame too as being funny gives me gender dsysphoria, mostly as women arn't meant to be funny, second is that I am quite the Red Dwarf fan, so seeing that there has been artwork that shows a furry version of Lister and Rimmer was very exciting to see - plus what helps is that the artwork made is quite good looking.

Photo of The Now The Mutant Standard Emoji for the camera emoji (camera.svg).

Do you have a photo that you want to be able to share with the class that you took yourself? If your photo is good enouth, we will feature it on a future addition of nb21, the reward? Death, no, wait, we mean the knolage that you have contabuted to this project...

This issue's photo was taken by Cass Python of St Michael's Church, Ewyas Harold, in the Golden Valley of Herefordshire. The photo itself was taken on a disposable camera in 2020 and then scanned in.

A photo of St Michael's Church. It is an outside shot of what is the graveyard that shows all of the gravestones that are situated on slightly uncut grass and with some moss growing on them. The church is old and there are a few trees.

The church is found in the English-Welsh border, so going into Wales is very easy to do so, taking less than four minuets by walking in this small village that is just inside of England.

The longitude and latitude of this photo that it was taken on are 51.9539131379059, -2.8924806165426347 while the What3words for this area is alright.served.circulate.

Hello, World

Sorry screen reader users lol

If you know anything about anything, then you will know that Hello World is a classic in programing - it's used as a way of displaying simple text, some examples are


Hello world in Python is very simple, it's just the floowing:

print("Hello, World!")


JavaScript is also simple, just being:

console.log("Hello, World!");

While not a code, HTML has a few more lines, but is fairly easy to understand:

<!DOCTYPE html>
Hello, World

Okay. You get the point and you know where this is going. We're going to talk about esoteric programming languages and their Hello, World versions. Huh? What's an «esoteric programming»??

Okay, sit down, kitten. Mommy is going to tell you all a story. So a bunch of nerds all around ther world were unhappy with how simple and easy some code languages were, so they made their own - there's even a wiki where we got all of the examples from and is a good starting point. To be honest, it looks like a lot of fun to be able to make your own silly language, but a lot of the examples are just stilly.

Got that? Okay, let's-a-go!


Strong start, I know, but as made by Cereal Velocity, who fun fact is one of the bloggers on Equestria Daily, FiM++ is based... based?... based upon the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and its syntax and structure are inspired by Java and ALGOL.

The Hello, World for the program looks a little soemthign like this:

Dear Princess Celestia: Hello, World!

Today I learned something simple.
I said “Hello, World!”!
That's all about something simple!

Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.

The way that the lnaguage works was inspried by the ending of early episodes of the show, where studiant Twighlight Sparkle would write to Princess Celestia, telling her what she learnt.

Oh hey, there's even a video on it.


ArnoldC also seems to be quite a funny language that was made by Lauri Hartikka, using Scala. The Hello, World for it looks like this:

TALK TO THE HAND "Hello, World"

the language itself uses famous quotes said by Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Remember the part where we wrote that jdfsdkfjghkrjrgjkfgkd by Kapten Charlie was going ot be hard for screenreaders? So do I, so do I...

As our own rule of three, our third example code that is weird and we will never want to lean is Zalgo by Short c1rcuit that was inspored by the Zalgo text meme that was big in... 2004? Man, I'm old. Regardless, the Hello, World program for it is a mess, as you can see below:


Nice. The language itself operates on clusters of combining diacritical marks.

For more weird and funbky computer languages, going on the Esolang wiki is a good start.

Thanks and Credits

This issue was written by Cass Python, as well as this, Cass' photo was also used - it uses the same lisence as the rest of the newsletter. We would like to thank our sponser, carrots, once agian and hope to collabarate with them in the future.

Thank you to Bruno A. for spell checking this issue.

For the code used in Hello, World, the syntax highlighting was made thank to Code Highlighter using the «Shades Of Purple» theme.

In memory of the Pendragon: 1996 - 2021.

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