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How to say my name: /kæs ˈpaɪθən/, how to say DynTylluan (/diːn təˈɬi.an/)

Why hello there, so then, you clicked on that link - that was very brave of you, and you know what? I respect you for that, I like brave people like yourself, anyway, welcome to my about me page (woo!). To tell you honestly, I am not quite sure what to really put here, so rather than put a bio that you might see on any other website, I took inspiration from my biggest hero; myself. You see, all the way back in 2019, I made a little project called 2095: Not Quite Human where I got Talk to Transformer, a «modern neural network», to write sci-fi stories - so just for the hell of it, I got the neural network to write my about me bio. So, everything written in this style was written by me, a human, while the text in bold was made by the network, a soulless being.

To start the bot off, I needed to give it a prompt, so, without any further playing around, enjoy my bio:

Hello there, I'm Cass and to tell you a bit about myself

I am a young woman of just twenty - three.

I went to the police academy for a short while, but then ran off and got married.

Now I have a baby girl called Candy, who is a complete pain in the arse.

It's all thanks to my ex - husband that I have this baby.

He had a birthday party for his thirtieth birthday and I went.

Well, you know what they say about girls and their ex - husbands.

They don't get along.

Anyway, I was so drunk that I let him think that I'd still be awake when he got

I enjoy updating my website, browsing art website, talking to my friends, but what I really like the most is to draw my own art.

In addition to everything I'm interested in, I can never get enough of drawing.

I'm hooked on it.

Also I want to know if it's really possible to be really good at drawing.

I am not perfect but I have also bought some drawing books to learn from.

My drawing skill is always improving, sometimes even being better than professional artists.

You can be a really good artist.

It takes years to become really good.

Good artists work hard at their work, and they are always

Please do not contact me if you are seeking dating assistance as I am not a professional and can only offer my personal opinion.

The beauty of the Internet is that you can research as much or as little as you want about your prospective dates before ever meeting.

If you prefer to meet someone through an actual dating service, please consult with your service provider.

I will continue to use Plenty of Fish as I have not found any other site as useful as it has been for me.

I would like to hear your opinion on my dating

Uh, well then, that was -- pointless.

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