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00:18 dotcomboom>: yoooo
00:22 <hosma>: eyy
00:26 <mariteaux>: heyo
00:26 <dotcomboom>: and the party continues
00:26 <dotcomboom>: woo
00:44 <mariteaux>: so how's it going
00:44 <dotcomboom>: g r a n d
00:45 <dotcomboom>: listening to tasty music on audacious with a winamp skin
00:46 <dotcomboom>: soothing to my ears
00:46 <mariteaux>: never got the winamp bug
00:46 <mariteaux>: i always had more nostalgia for wmp9, and as a serious player, i use itunes on mac
00:48 <dotcomboom>: I didn't really either, even though CompuServe came with it I didn't know what it was and never used it
00:48 <dotcomboom>: (I think)
00:48 <dotcomboom>: if not that then one of our old HP computers came with it
00:48 <mariteaux>: yeah
00:50 <mariteaux>: i'd still love to see a modern player with those wmp visualizations though
00:50 <mariteaux>: i can stare at any of the ambience ones for hours
00:50 <dotcomboom>: oh yeah
00:50 <dotcomboom>: windows media player was the bomb
00:50 <mariteaux>: http://wmpvis.wikia.com/wiki/Ambience i can't believe this is a real fucking thing, who would make this wiki
00:50 <mariteaux>: plenoptic was the shit too
00:51 <mariteaux>: fire and brimstone
00:51 <mariteaux>: but to my music
00:51 <dotcomboom>: I wonder how the Media Guide was implemented in the versions that came with ME upward until at least 7
00:52 <mariteaux>: wasn't it always just a browser window
00:52 <mariteaux>: in the application itself
00:52 <dotcomboom>: basically
00:52 <dotcomboom>: it might be possible to make it go to another page
00:52 <mariteaux>: yeah some hosts file trickery most likely
00:54 <dotcomboom>: kind of curious of how the internet radio was implemented, m3u or something like that
00:55 <mariteaux>: yeah, sounds about right
00:55 <mariteaux>: streaming audio was weird, i dunno what else was out there aside from realplayer
00:56 <dotcomboom>: "One common use of the M3U file format is creating a single-entry playlist file pointing to a stream on the Internet"
00:56 <dotcomboom>: -wikipedia
00:56 <mariteaux>: ah
00:56 <mariteaux>: i was trying to think of how viable a media guide would be nowadays
00:56 <mariteaux>: and i don't think it'd be
00:56 <mariteaux>: i don't like the way the internet is going at all
00:56 <mariteaux>: social media scares me
00:56 <mariteaux>: getting everything in one place
00:56 <mariteaux>: seems way too easy
00:56 <dotcomboom>: yep
00:57 <dotcomboom>: a country of walled-gardens
00:58 <mariteaux>: i don't think it can last
00:58 <mariteaux>: maybe not by choice
01:08 <dotcomboom>: Facebook might be the new AOL
01:08 <dotcomboom>: America Online stuffed a ton of services under one thing
01:08 <mariteaux>: see, the freaky part is that facebook as a platform is stagnant
01:08 <mariteaux>: but instagram is huge
01:09 <mariteaux>: and that's facebook
01:09 <dotcomboom>: oh yeah
01:09 <mariteaux>: so it's not even like they're any closer to irrelevance
01:10 <mariteaux>: i think my one hope is that people at least recognize that handing tons of data off to firms like this is a bad idea
01:10 <mariteaux>: maybe not everyone
01:10 <mariteaux>: but enough
01:10 <mariteaux>: that something's done about it
01:10 <mariteaux>: and i think that's happening
01:10 <mariteaux>: people were not happy about the nsa stuff
01:10 <mariteaux>: facebook has had tons of data breaches lately
01:13 <dotcomboom>: these companies are trying to become everything, that your life revolves around them
01:13 <mariteaux>: and in the short term, they're succeeding
01:14 <mariteaux>: but everything has an equal and opposite reaction
01:14 <mariteaux>: i think the existence of alt-tech sites like gab, minds, and bitchute show that people are willing to go to smaller, less intrusive platforms
01:18 <dotcomboom>: decentralized platforms are cool and good, but the only issue is that nothing is reversible
01:19 <dotcomboom>: so I think privacy might be a little more difficult
01:19 <mariteaux>: that's also true
01:19 <mariteaux>: i guess the only way to win is to not play
01:20 <mariteaux>: which is fine by me, i'm not a narcissist
01:20 <mariteaux>: i don't need people to stare at everything i'm doing like it's super important
01:21 <dotcomboom>: adding onto the decentralized point, if you sent a ton of bitcoins to someone accidentally (or an android wallet you're using is malicious and steals your money), good luck, you can't contact a company to sort it out
01:21 <mariteaux>: bitcoin is fucked
01:21 <mariteaux>: i doubt that'll ever catch on
01:22 <mariteaux>: you can use it for stuff, technically, but do you notice it's not a currency, it's an asset
01:22 <mariteaux>: people use bitcoin like gold
01:22 <dotcomboom>: nearly everything I see of it is just I N V E S T I N G !
01:22 <mariteaux>: i doubt anyone will be able to pull a proper economy out of it
01:22 <dotcomboom>: it is a gold rush
01:22 <dotcomboom>: the price is fluctuating so much
01:22 <mariteaux>: not to mention, the miners fucking over the gpu market pissed a lot of people off
01:23 <dotcomboom>: ^
01:23 <mariteaux>: memecoins do not have a good reputation right now
01:23 <mariteaux>: and i doubt they can crawl back to having even a scrap of one
01:23 <mariteaux>: okay, weird aside, but you know what i goddamn love
01:23 <dotcomboom>: joke cryptos were cool until they actually started getting value
01:24 <mariteaux>: feel it still by portugal the man, this fucking song is all about "fighting back" and it was absolutely huge
01:24 <mariteaux>: major corporations used it in ads
01:24 <mariteaux>: so much for "fighting back"
01:24 <dotcomboom>: *queue seinfeld theme*
01:24 <dotcomboom>: ironic
01:25 <mariteaux>: i think what a lot of people (i don't wanna say "our age" but we're both under 20, you know what i mean) don't realize that "fighting back" is the new mainstream
01:26 <mariteaux>: it's no longer counterculture
01:26 <mariteaux>: conformity is the new counterculture
01:26 <mariteaux>: not acting like a fucking freak
01:39 <dotcomboom>: internet of things
01:39 <dotcomboom>: scary
01:42 <mariteaux>: iot is a fancy name for botnet
01:42 <dotcomboom>: hackers getting into lights to mine batcoins
01:43 <dotcomboom>: and insecure baby monitors
01:46 <mariteaux>: nasty
01:46 <dotcomboom>: quite
01:46 <mariteaux>: i should get back to rendering out my quaddicted challenge demos
01:46 <mariteaux>: i've been avoiding it because it's a lot of heavy work with video settings
01:46 <mariteaux>: i notice i'm getting a lot of really dark maps and blocky footage
01:46 <mariteaux>: these are meant to be archival quality so that's not ideal
02:06 <dotcomboom>: brb switching clients
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02:16 <mariteaux>: wb
02:16 * dotcomboom parties