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06:53 <isvinc3s>: sup
07:00 <dotcomboom>: soup
07:01 --> jackomix has joined #neocities
07:01 <isvinc3s>: ey jack
07:01 <dotcomboom>: oi
07:02 <isvinc3s>: btw i still havent ate any pizza since yesterday :(
07:02 <dotcomboom>: aw
07:02 <dotcomboom>: leftovers :<
07:02 <isvinc3s>: today i'll eat a pizza no matter what
07:02 <dotcomboom>: lunchables pizza
07:03 <dotcomboom>: let's gooooo
07:04 <jackomix>: ayy
07:05 <dotcomboom>: darn it I was at target earlier should've made the jump to pure 1337
07:05 <jackomix>: i'm bored
07:06 <dotcomboom>: anyone remember The Idiot Quiz?
07:06 <dotcomboom>: like, "Push the red button"
07:06 <jackomix>: oh yeah
07:06 <isvinc3s>: oh man
07:06 <jackomix>: lmao
07:06 <jackomix>: i was gonna ask "wanna do the kindergarten quiz?"
07:06 <dotcomboom>: *Test
07:06 <jackomix>: but i spelled wanna like whanna
07:07 <jackomix>: so i'm the idiot after all
07:07 <isvinc3s>: what's that
07:07 <jackomix>: oof
07:07 <jackomix>: foo
07:07 <isvinc3s>: seems like my hilight color applies to that
07:07 <jackomix>: bar
07:07 <isvinc3s>: but not to mentions
07:07 <jackomix>: lol
07:08 <isvinc3s>: *test
07:08 <isvinc3s>: this also doesnt work for me
07:08 <jackomix>: *tesT
07:08 <jackomix>: ?
07:08 <dotcomboom>: foobar raboof
07:08 <jackomix>: what are we testing
07:08 <isvinc3s>: oh what
07:08 <jackomix>: did someone say oof?
07:08 <isvinc3s>: ok
07:08 <isvinc3s>: so
07:08 <isvinc3s>: "test" is being higlighted in cyan
07:08 <dotcomboom>: no that wasn't a test
07:08 <jackomix>: not for me
07:08 <jackomix>: though i'm using hexchat
07:08 <dotcomboom>: I was correcting myself
07:08 <isvinc3s>: for me
07:08 <isvinc3s>: idk what i did
07:08 <jackomix>: lol
07:08 <dotcomboom>: it was The Idiot Test
07:08 <jackomix>: oof
07:08 <dotcomboom>: not The Idiot Quiz
07:08 <jackomix>: hosma was the idiot all along
07:09 <isvinc3s>: OH
07:09 <isvinc3s>: ok
07:09 <isvinc3s>: so
07:09 <isvinc3s>: i can set which words i want highlighted in what color
07:09 <jackomix>: also hosma can you change your nickname to hosma
07:09 <isvinc3s>: with /hilight
07:09 <isvinc3s>: no because then i dont think i'll be registered anymore
07:09 <jackomix>: 1. i'm too lazy to type it 2. at first i'm like "who in da hell is di dood"
07:09 <jackomix>: aww
07:09 <isvinc3s>: i think i can group them wait a sec
07:09 --- isvinc3s is now known as hosma
07:09 <jackomix>: hi hosma
07:10 <dotcomboom>: whoa didn't see you there!!11
07:10 <hosma>: ok cool
07:10 <hosma>: so now
07:10 <hosma>: i think i have both isvinc3s and hosma registered
07:10 <hosma>: to the same account
07:10 <hosma>: pretty neat
07:10 <dotcomboom>: n i c e
07:10 <jackomix>: woo
07:12 <dotcomboom>: rush b
07:12 <dotcomboom>: rush bees
07:13 <jackomix>: well
07:14 <jackomix>: do you guys know anything we can do?
07:14 <dotcomboom>: hmmm :thinking:
07:14 <jackomix>: -------
07:14 <jackomix>: - ' ' -
07:14 <jackomix>: oof
07:14 <jackomix>: -----
07:14 <jackomix>: -' '-
07:14 <jackomix>: - -
07:14 <jackomix>: -----
07:14 <jackomix>: -
07:14 <jackomix>: -----
07:14 <jackomix>: -
07:15 <jackomix>: -
07:15 <jackomix>: - -
07:15 <jackomix>: - -
07:15 <jackomix>: yay
07:15 <dotcomboom>: [ ]
07:15 <dotcomboom>: |
07:15 <dotcomboom>: |
07:15 <dotcomboom>: ---
07:15 <dotcomboom>: |
07:15 <hosma>: can someone write hosma and test real quick
07:15 <dotcomboom>: hosma
07:15 <jackomix>: yosma
07:15 <jackomix>: hosma
07:15 <hosma>: hmm
07:16 <dotcomboom>: mosma
07:16 <dotcomboom>: nosma
07:16 <jackomix>: josma
07:16 <jackomix>: aosma
07:16 <jackomix>: bosma
07:16 <jackomix>: cosma
07:16 <hosma>: bossma
07:16 <jackomix>: dosma
07:17 <jackomix>: eosma
07:17 <jackomix>: fosma
07:19 <dotcomboom>: ohsma
07:19 <hosma>: oh...
07:20 <jackomix>: sma
07:20 <jackomix>: oosma
07:20 <hosma>: amsoh
07:20 <jackomix>: oooma
07:20 <jackomix>: ooooa
07:20 <jackomix>: ooooo
07:21 <hosma>: | ||
07:21 <hosma>: | |_
07:21 <hosma>: frick
07:22 <jackomix>: do you guys wanna make a irc channel and add some bots?
07:22 <hosma>: idk
07:23 <jackomix>: at least, i think that's how that works
07:23 <hosma>: you can make any channel by just joining it
07:23 <hosma>: youll be op if it's empty
07:23 <dotcomboom>: don't you use chanserv to register it
07:24 <hosma>: you do but if it's empty and you join you're automatically op
07:24 <hosma>: and if you leave and someone else comes they're op
07:24 <hosma>: it's temporary op
07:24 <hosma>: until you register it
07:24 <jackomix>: oof
07:24 <jackomix>: lemme do that then
07:25 <dotcomboom>: oofity oof
07:26 <jackomix>: okay bois join "##jacksplace
07:26 <hosma>: you dont have to use other characters if it's not at the beginning of the sentence btw
07:26 <hosma>: actually you dont have to do that at all
07:27 <hosma>: only with /
07:39 <mariteaux>: oh hey
07:39 <hosma>: hi
07:40 <dotcomboom>: yeh ho
07:40 <mariteaux>: i finally fucking beat a city sleeps, i can uninstall it now
07:40 <mariteaux>: not recommended at all
07:40 * dotcomboom claps some more
07:41 <hosma>: oh man i suck at bullet hell stuff
07:41 <mariteaux>: the trick to bullet hell is to focus not on where you're firing but on where you're moving, literally watch your character and navigate slowly through the maze
07:41 <mariteaux>: it's not even a terribly fair bullet hell game though
07:41 <mariteaux>: since your fire is tied to the beat of the song
07:41 <mariteaux>: so if it's a sporadic beat
07:42 <mariteaux>: you don't put out jack shit
07:42 <mariteaux>: it's awful
07:42 <hosma>: that sounds interesting
07:42 <mariteaux>: yeah i mean i like the concept
07:42 <mariteaux>: a bullet hell game tied to your music
07:42 <mariteaux>: but i've played better
07:42 <mariteaux>: symphony was way better
07:43 <mariteaux>: i'm trying to beat more steam games, so i made a trello list and i'm just crossing them off
07:44 <mariteaux>: maybe i'll play bastion next
07:44 <hosma>: oh man bastion's great
07:44 <mariteaux>: i heard that's really fucking good and i liked the first hour or so
07:44 <hosma>: it's really good you should really play it
07:44 <mariteaux>: that'll be the next one then
07:47 <mariteaux>: i had a friend in my senior year who was like "i'm gonna bug you to play bastion until you do"
07:47 <mariteaux>: he was very disappointed to see me playing peggle instead
07:47 <mariteaux>: :eyes:
07:47 <hosma>: wasnt peggle that thing where you shoot marbles from like ea or something
07:47 <mariteaux>: it was a popcap game, and yes, that's roughly the goal of it
07:47 <mariteaux>: it's a stupid casual game
07:48 <mariteaux>: but it's fun
07:48 <hosma>: oh yeah i played it before for a little while
07:52 <dotcomboom>: peggle was cool
07:52 <dotcomboom>: there was a level editor for peggle nights iirc
07:52 <dotcomboom>: and that was cool
07:52 <dotcomboom>: I liked it a lot
07:53 <dotcomboom>: but never beat either so lol
07:53 <mariteaux>: level editors are the easiest way to get me to play a game
07:53 <mariteaux>: i've spent more time making levels for quake than i've spent playing quake, and i've played a lot of quake
07:53 <mariteaux>: before that, it was half-life
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08:01 <mariteaux>: i wonder who that was
08:02 <hosma>: i think i saw him on one of the neocities discords at some point
08:07 <mariteaux>: what a weird username
08:13 --> rr- has joined #neocities
08:14 <mariteaux>: who are you spooky rr person
08:14 <mariteaux>: :eyes:
08:15 <dotcomboom>: I'm sp@@ked
08:15 <-- dotcomboom has quit (Quit: Leaving)
08:15 <mariteaux>: so spooked he left
08:15 <hosma>: f
08:15 <mariteaux>: f
08:25 <jackomix>: f
08:25 <-- jackomix has quit (Quit: Leaving)
08:25 <hosma>: f
08:25 <mariteaux>: wew
09:04 --> dotcomboom has joined #neocities
09:04 <mariteaux>: hey
09:04 <hosma>: eyyyyyyy
09:04 <dotcomboom>: yooooo
09:04 <mariteaux>: wondered if you were coming back
09:04 <dotcomboom>: sorry about the afk
09:04 <dotcomboom>: (49 minutes specifically)
09:04 <dotcomboom>: meant to come back sooner but stuff came up shrug
09:04 <mariteaux>: oh well
09:05 <mariteaux>: it's irc
09:05 <dotcomboom>: had some f o r m s to fill out
09:05 <mariteaux>: forms
09:05 <hosma>: forms suck
09:05 <dotcomboom>: doctor forms, favorite kind
09:05 <hosma>: i had to fill a bunch earlier today too
09:05 <hosma>: well yesterday actually
09:05 <mariteaux>: worked on college stuff this morning
09:05 <mariteaux>: have to do forms too
09:16 <dotcomboom>: gtg
09:16 <-- dotcomboom has quit (Quit: Leaving)
09:17 <hosma>: f
09:29 <hosma>: woosh i'm done writing 6 pages of shit that I remembered I have to do an hour ago
09:30 <hosma>: my right hand is dead
09:30 <mariteaux>: i haven't written anything physically in ages
09:30 <hosma>: wish that were me
09:31 <mariteaux>: yeah i was never too fond of writing
09:31 <mariteaux>: i can type really fast
09:32 <mariteaux>: i think way faster than i write too so it's like
09:32 <hosma>: i can type pretty fast too and my handwriting's complete trash
09:32 <mariteaux>: mine's not terrible
09:32 <mariteaux>: perfectly legible
09:32 <hosma>: i've seen worse than mine but it's still bad
09:32 <hosma>: you can make it out but if i'm writing something fast good luck decyphering that
09:33 <mariteaux>: yeah
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23:10 <mariteaux>: oh
23:10 <mariteaux>: should probably pay attention to this chat
23:10 <mariteaux>: rip seahorse