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[06:11] <isvinc3s>: epic minions
[06:12] <jackomix>: how do i use nickserv?
[06:12] <isvinc3s>: ./msg NickServ
[06:12] <isvinc3s>: ./msg NickServ help
[06:12] <dotcomboom>: yo
[06:13] <mariteaux>: is <isvinc3s> also not hosma
[06:13] <isvinc3s>: yeah
[06:13] <jackomix>: i think it's not not
[06:13] <isvinc3s>: its my registered account
[06:13] <isvinc3s>: notn't
[06:14] <dotcomboom>: ah cool
[06:14] <mariteaux>: screaming "fuck" into the microphone to activate overdrive in lego rock band
[06:14] <mariteaux>: :thinkytits:
[06:14] <dotcomboom>: yep that's normal
[06:14] <jackomix>: lmao
[06:14] <isvinc3s>: do you use the mic for star power in LRB?
[06:14] <mariteaux>: i'm playing the ds version
[06:15] <isvinc3s>: i see
[06:15] <mariteaux>: i've never owned any of the console versions
[06:15] <mariteaux>: it's actually a lot of fun
[06:15] <mariteaux>: you play all the tracks and switch between them
[06:15] <mariteaux>: too bad the soundtrack is just the worst
[06:15] <mariteaux>: like half the songs you get in the console versions
[06:15] <isvinc3s>: i used to play gh3/wor and rb3 a while ago
[06:15] <mariteaux>: i'm big into rhythm games
[06:16] <mariteaux>: that was my first introduction to youtube actually
[06:16] <mariteaux>: gh2 videos
[06:16] <mariteaux>: problem is i smash every plastic drum kit someone puts me behind
[06:16] --> JakeOnline has joined #neocities
[06:17] <isvinc3s>: oh boy!
[06:17] <JakeOnline>: hey yall
[06:17] <dotcomboom>: ayyyy
[06:17] <mariteaux>: slowly people migrate back to nature
[06:17] <mariteaux>: i mean irc
[06:17] <isvinc3s>: i wish irc was mainstream
[06:17] <isvinc3s>: its comfy
[06:17] <dotcomboom>: very
[06:17] <mariteaux>: i like being able to use any client i please
[06:18] <mariteaux>: we all get to choose
[06:18] <jackomix>: oof
[06:18] <jackomix>: jakeo is here
[06:18] <isvinc3s>: Garf_ is still here but hes not saying anything :eyes:
[06:18] <JakeOnline>: owo
[06:18] <isvinc3s>: oh yeah btw jake im hosma
[06:18] <mariteaux>: garf said this was all greek to him
[06:18] <jackomix>: oh yess
[06:18] <jackomix>: i enabled hexchat to colour nicknames
[06:18] <isvinc3s>: it's just like any other chat
[06:18] <jackomix>: my life is now complete
[06:18] <isvinc3s>: you click the input and type away
[06:18] <-- JakeOnline has quit (Client Quit)
[06:18] <isvinc3s>: f
[06:18] <jackomix>: f
[06:19] <mariteaux>: f
[06:19] <jackomix>: e
[06:19] <isvinc3s>: e
[06:19] <jackomix>: is it weird if i keep rubbing my joycon grip on my face?
[06:19] <isvinc3s>: no
[06:19] <jackomix>: it feels so nice :D
[06:20] <isvinc3s>: it's a perfectly normal recreational activity
[06:20] <mariteaux>: joycon grip?
[06:20] --> JakeOnline has joined #neocities
[06:20] <jackomix>: yeah
[06:20] <isvinc3s>: eyyy
[06:20] <JakeOnline>: it showed my ip and i got spooked
[06:20] <dotcomboom>: thonk
[06:20] <jackomix>: lmao
[06:20] <jackomix>: oof
[06:20] <dotcomboom>: welcome to irc
[06:20] <dotcomboom>: what's a privacy
[06:20] <jackomix>: how do you make people op? :thonk:
[06:21] <mariteaux>: you need to be room owner
[06:21] <isvinc3s>: if you want to hide it register your nickname and ask an admin for a cloak
[06:21] <mariteaux>: then it's just a chanserv thing
[06:21] <dotcomboom>: I don't think #neocities is even registered
[06:21] <isvinc3s>: lets take it over then
[06:21] <mariteaux>: it's not
[06:21] <dotcomboom>: thonk
[06:21] <JakeOnline>: k
[06:21] <jackomix>: yay i just registered my name
[06:21] <dotcomboom>: tasty
[06:21] <mariteaux>: "#neocities is already registered to quackgyver."
[06:21] <isvinc3s>: f
[06:21] <mariteaux>: damn
[06:21] <dotcomboom>: wow okay
[06:22] <dotcomboom>: snipe snipe
[06:22] <dotcomboom>: f
[06:22] <mariteaux>: oh kyle drake is canadian
[06:22] <dotcomboom>: geocities.com/kanadakyle27
[06:22] <mariteaux>: no whois for quackgyver
[06:22] <isvinc3s>: i think ive met more americans on the internet than i did americans
[06:22] <isvinc3s>: canadians*
[06:23] <isvinc3s>: instead of the first
[06:23] <mariteaux>: odd
[06:23] <mariteaux>: i know three
[06:23] <mariteaux>: maybe four, if someone here is canadian
[06:23] <dotcomboom>: jack is
[06:23] <isvinc3s>: kyle and jack
[06:23] <isvinc3s>: yeah
[06:24] <mariteaux>: brianna is canadian, bulbizarre on neocities
[06:24] <mariteaux>: that's gonna be fun
[06:24] <jackomix>: oh i didn't know kyle was canadian
[06:24] <dotcomboom>: ah
[06:24] <jackomix>: neato
[06:24] <mariteaux>: we're trying to meet up irl at some point, move in together
[06:24] <mariteaux>: but y'know
[06:24] <jackomix>: see, that's why we canadians are better than you /s
[06:24] <mariteaux>: country borders
[06:24] <mariteaux>: and all that
[06:24] <dotcomboom>: inb4 he's your neighbor
[06:24] <mariteaux>: :eyes:
[06:24] <isvinc3s>: jack is kyle
[06:24] <dotcomboom>: yeah, sucks man
[06:24] <dotcomboom>: my siblings went to canada
[06:24] <jackomix>: oh shit gotta run now
[06:24] <dotcomboom>: but I didn't
[06:24] <-- jackomix has left #neocities ( "Leaving")
[06:24] <mariteaux>: f
[06:25] <isvinc3s>: woah, conspiracy?
[06:25] --> jackomix has joined #neocities
[06:25] <dotcomboom>: I don't have a passport (yet)
[06:25] <jackomix>: abcdefghj
[06:25] <isvinc3s>: whats up kyle
[06:25] <dotcomboom>: *my siblings went to canada before I was born
[06:25] <jackomix>: *tries to resist typing "not much"*
[06:25] <dotcomboom>: there, now it makes sense
[06:25] <dotcomboom>: wait what
[06:25] <dotcomboom>: confusion
[06:25] <isvinc3s>: one of the benefits of irc is that /me is not just making text italic
[06:26] * isvinc3s dies
[06:26] <mariteaux>: wait
[06:26] <mariteaux>: kyledrake's name is blue now
[06:26] <dotcomboom>: yeah true
[06:26] * dotcomboom eats a pie then dies
[06:26] <mariteaux>: it's not grey anymore
[06:26] <dotcomboom>: It's still black for me
[06:26] <dotcomboom>: on the webchat client
[06:26] <dotcomboom>: (on webchat.freenode.net I mean)
[06:26] <mariteaux>: ah
[06:26] <mariteaux>: weird then
[06:26] <jackomix>: brb
[06:26] <dotcomboom>: this feels good, we've got basically everyone together in an irc channel
[06:26] <-- jackomix has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[06:27] <dotcomboom>: mission complete
[06:27] <mariteaux>: so is this a regular thing now
[06:27] <mariteaux>: because i'm into it
[06:27] <-- JakeOnline has quit (Quit: Page closed)
[06:27] <dotcomboom>: aw
[06:27] <dotcomboom>: hope it can be
[06:27] --> jackomix has joined #neocities
[06:27] * dotcomboom parties
[06:27] <dotcomboom>: wb
[06:27] <jackomix>: thx
[06:28] <jackomix>: woo
[06:28] <jackomix>: my new theme is nice
[06:28] <dotcomboom>: so wait, kyle is op?
[06:28] <jackomix>: though i can't see my name cause mines blue
[06:28] <jackomix>: no
[06:28] <jackomix>: it says there's no op
[06:28] <jackomix>: also what client do you guys use
[06:28] <dotcomboom>: really weird
[06:28] <mariteaux>: hexchat
[06:28] <jackomix>: i'm using hexchat
[06:28] <isvinc3s>: so anyone up for another late night irc after this
[06:28] <isvinc3s>: im using irssi
[06:29] <isvinc3s>: for the true 1337 experience
[06:29] <dotcomboom>: I'm just using webchat
[06:29] <dotcomboom>: icy
[06:29] <dotcomboom>: man hackmud still sounds cool
[06:29] <jackomix>: what's hackmud?
[06:30] <dotcomboom>: a mud about hacking
[06:30] <isvinc3s>: hackmuds really cool but i never really got the hang of it
[06:30] <jackomix>: what'd a mud?
[06:30] <isvinc3s>: it's like a hacking simulator and it uses real JS
[06:30] <mariteaux>: oh yeah, muds are still kind of a thing around they
[06:30] <isvinc3s>: and you can make your own scripts and stuff
[06:30] <mariteaux>: they're like the original mmorpg
[06:30] <jackomix>: o
[06:30] <isvinc3s>: i think you can start up companies and stuff too
[06:30] <mariteaux>: multi-user dungeon
[06:30] <jackomix>: i think i treid a hacking mud before
[06:30] <isvinc3s>: and you can steal
[06:30] <dotcomboom>: it's cool
[06:30] <isvinc3s>: yeah regular MUDs are also cool
[06:30] <dotcomboom>: @jackomix Hacker Experience?
[06:31] <mariteaux>: didn't jason scott run a mud at some point
[06:31] <jackomix>: probably not
[06:31] <jackomix>: also when you @'d me the text was red
[06:31] <dotcomboom>: cool
[06:31] <mariteaux>: neat, so pinging does work
[06:31] <jackomix>: o the email client is notifiying me
[06:31] <mariteaux>: someone ping me
[06:31] <jackomix>: let's find out what it is
[06:31] <isvinc3s>: i dont think @s do anything for me
[06:31] <jackomix>: @mariteaux
[06:32] <dotcomboom>: but I believe you showed me he
[06:32] <isvinc3s>: can one of you @me real quick
[06:32] <mariteaux>: yeah that's highlighted
[06:32] <mariteaux>: i see it in green
[06:32] --> JakeOnline has joined #neocities
[06:32] <dotcomboom>: @isvinc3s
[06:32] <dotcomboom>: wb
[06:32] <isvinc3s>: nope
[06:32] <isvinc3s>: f
[06:32] <jackomix>: hello
[06:32] <isvinc3s>: hello jake3
[06:32] <mariteaux>: does your client have coloring @isvinc3s
[06:32] <jackomix>: mari how do you change the interface colours
[06:32] <isvinc3s>: yeah
[06:32] <jackomix>: so it's dark and not white
[06:32] <dotcomboom>: settings
[06:32] <mariteaux>: weird
[06:32] <dotcomboom>: lol
[06:32] <mariteaux>: yeah go to settings >preferences > colors
[06:32] <-- JakeOnline has quit (Client Quit)
[06:33] <dotcomboom>: rip
[06:33] <mariteaux>: they're not marked
[06:33] <isvinc3s>: i dont have that rip
[06:33] <isvinc3s>: it must be a setting just idk what it's called
[06:33] <isvinc3s>: like a variable
[06:33] <dotcomboom>: config file probably
[06:33] <isvinc3s>: i can set them from the input field too
[06:33] <isvinc3s>: ./set var = something
[06:34] <isvinc3s>: ok try @ing me again
[06:35] <jackomix>: nah mari i mean't hexchat's actual interface
[06:35] --> JakeOnline has joined #neocities
[06:35] <isvinc3s>: hello yet again jake
[06:35] <jackomix>: wb for the 54123th time
[06:35] <mariteaux>: that is where you color the interface though
[06:35] <JakeOnline>: owo
[06:35] <isvinc3s>: uwu
[06:35] <jackomix>: i don't mean the text part
[06:35] <mariteaux>: jake why do you keep leaving
[06:35] <JakeOnline>: join the official network neighborhood irc channel!!!!
[06:35] <jackomix>: i don't see anything else white
[06:35] <jackomix>: besides the text
[06:35] <jackomix>: @jakeonline oof is it active
[06:35] <dotcomboom>: hey hey you've joined almost as many times as your site was redesigned
[06:35] <JakeOnline>: :(
[06:35] <mariteaux>: i guess you can't color the rest of the interface
[06:35] <jackomix>: darnit you stole my joke
[06:36] <mariteaux>: not sure
[06:36] <dotcomboom>: LOL FUNNY JOKE 10/10
[06:36] <jackomix>: Design Choices
[06:36] <JakeOnline>: I'm trying to get this shite to work for my tastes.
[06:36] <jackomix>: irc?
[06:36] <dotcomboom>: Choices design corp
[06:36] <jackomix>: yeah i want to actually use irc now
[06:36] <JakeOnline>: Asset UI
[06:36] <jackomix>: oh
[06:36] <jackomix>: ergioergjer
[06:36] <dotcomboom>: Asset UI goes back
[06:36] <dotcomboom>: that was lit
[06:36] <dotcomboom>: 100
[06:37] <isvinc3s>: #bringbackassetui
[06:37] <JakeOnline>: i dont wanna
[06:37] <JakeOnline>: asset-ui was bad
[06:37] <dotcomboom>: asset ui was good
[06:37] <dotcomboom>: very good
[06:37] <isvinc3s>: ok
[06:37] <dotcomboom>: anyway IRC PARTYYYYYYY *<(:)
[06:37] <isvinc3s>: try @ing me
[06:38] <dotcomboom>: @isvinc3s
[06:38] <mariteaux>: @isvinc3s
[06:38] <JakeOnline>: @isvinc3s
[06:38] <isvinc3s>: wait i screwed that up
[06:38] <isvinc3s>: try again
[06:38] <jackomix>: what is asset ui?
[06:38] <isvinc3s>: jake's earliest site design i can recall
[06:39] <JakeOnline>: I mean, there was another, but that's a sin to talk about.
[06:39] <isvinc3s>: can't be worse than my first or second
[06:39] <dotcomboom>: Cool's Corner my dudes
[06:39] <isvinc3s>: oh boy
[06:39] <dotcomboom>: 10/10 best site design ever
[06:39] <dotcomboom>: the NN thought I was crazy!!!11
[06:39] <JakeOnline>: and they were right!
[06:39] <JakeOnline>: lol remember when you semi-leaked your face
[06:40] <dotcomboom>: remember when we *borrowed* code from the NN site and they were angery
[06:40] <dotcomboom>: oh yeah, crystal pepsi my dude
[06:40] <JakeOnline>: at least it was behind a crystal pepsi
[06:40] <dotcomboom>: face reveal
[06:40] <dotcomboom>: 10/10
[06:41] <JakeOnline>: I'm going to move over to IRC 100%
[06:41] <dotcomboom>: frenchtoast -> cool's corner -> cooltile -> nintel -> dotcomboom and maybe something else in the middle
[06:41] <dotcomboom>: then also ctv
[06:41] <jackomix>: oh yeah i remember the ""face reveal""
[06:41] <dotcomboom>: and granted, districts for a little while
[06:41] <mariteaux>: districts 2.0 soon
[06:41] <isvinc3s>: would @ing myself work?
[06:42] <jackomix>: @jackomix
[06:42] <mariteaux>: @mariteaux
[06:42] <jackomix>: nope
[06:42] <dotcomboom>: keep your eyes peeled
[06:42] <jackomix>: @jackomix is fucking cool
[06:42] <JakeOnline>: camerakiller -> asset-ui -> AAAAAA -> designchoices -> jakeonline
[06:42] <jackomix>: and cool is loving it
[06:42] <isvinc3s>: ok for the last time someone please @ me
[06:42] <dotcomboom>: but don't keep them peeled for too long
[06:42] <mariteaux>: @isvinc3s
[06:42] <dotcomboom>: oh yeah, camerakiller
[06:42] <isvinc3s>: yay!
[06:42] <jackomix>: i'm not gonna @ you @isvinc3s
[06:42] <jackomix>: dammit
[06:42] <jackomix>: i wanted to do it first :(
[06:42] <jackomix>: i am crying irl!!!! /s
[06:42] <isvinc3s>: bamboozled
[06:42] <mariteaux>: uhhhhhhh mariteaux -> mariteaux -> mariteaux -> mariteaux -> mariteaux?
[06:43] <dotcomboom>: many stages of mariteaux
[06:43] <mariteaux>: ah
[06:43] <-- JakeOnline has quit (Quit: Page closed)
[06:43] <mariteaux>: the highlighting happens without the @
[06:43] <isvinc3s>: f
[06:43] <mariteaux>: jackomix
[06:43] <mariteaux>: dotcomboom
[06:43] <isvinc3s>: i know but @ is way shorter than the word mention
[06:43] <mariteaux>: it's just when someone says your name
[06:43] <dotcomboom>: leafeon -> flareon -> another flareon -> another flareon
[06:43] <mariteaux>: this is accurate
[06:43] <dotcomboom>: heh
[06:43] <mariteaux>: can i just
[06:43] --> JakeOnline has joined #neocities
[06:44] <mariteaux>: be a leafeon again
[06:44] <jackomix>: wbbbbbbbb
[06:44] <JakeOnline>: im sick of this garbage
[06:44] <mariteaux>: again
[06:44] <JakeOnline>: it makes me angery
[06:44] <jackomix>: why?
[06:44] <dotcomboom>: woah that's a lot of site redesigns
[06:44] <mariteaux>: a n g e r y j a k e
[06:44] <jackomix>: lmao
[06:44] <JakeOnline>: Don't make triggered jokes, guys!
[06:44] <jackomix>: lol
[06:44] <JakeOnline>: -Network Neighborhood
[06:44] <jackomix>: triggered
[06:44] <jackomix>: YOU FUCKING SOCIAL BASTARD
[06:44] <JakeOnline>: BANNED
[06:45] <jackomix>: YOU FUCKING PRICK!!!!
[06:45] <dotcomboom>: b&
[06:45] <jackomix>: YOU DON'T NKWO HOW IT FEELS
[06:45] <jackomix>: TO HAVE UR ONLY EXCAPE
[06:45] <jackomix>: BE A MEEEEEMEEEE
[06:45] <jackomix>: aojkfio shofihuiaHLIKhlUK HukH F
[06:45] <jackomix>: C WG' TGB
[06:45] <jackomix>: HB
[06:45] <jackomix>: BD
[06:45] <jackomix>: BD
[06:45] <dotcomboom>: now I'm just confused
[06:45] <jackomix>: lol
[06:45] <mariteaux>: where's autobot when you need him
[06:45] <JakeOnline>: Downward Spiral @ #neocities
[06:45] <dotcomboom>: --> automod <--
[06:46] <dotcomboom>: let's go, automod!!111
[06:46] <JakeOnline>: It's never ogre
[06:46] <dotcomboom>: never ogre special edition #shamelessplug
[06:46] <JakeOnline>: tbh orange background is bad
[06:46] <dotcomboom>: dotcomboom @ neocities, get your copy before it's gone!!11
[06:47] <JakeOnline>: you kinda went back in time with your design dude
[06:47] <dotcomboom>: yeah compare now to a week ago
[06:47] <mariteaux>: man, i've been thinking about redesigning my site lately
[06:47] <mariteaux>: everyone's talking about their site redesigns
[06:47] <isvinc3s>: i dont know what to do with my site anymore
[06:47] <dotcomboom>: my site looks bad now but at least there's less fluff
[06:47] <mariteaux>: i have lots to do with it
[06:47] <dotcomboom>: I ditched the icons
[06:47] <mariteaux>: i just don't wanna do any of it
[06:48] <JakeOnline>: I also went back in time with my design, but it's because the old one got stale.
[06:48] <dotcomboom>: hosma's web lounge(tm)
[06:48] <JakeOnline>: Nice.
[06:48] <JakeOnline>: *opens up brackets*
[06:48] <dotcomboom>: I'm probably just going to ditch the background and go with good old times new roman
[06:48] <dotcomboom>: so it's mumblecore
[06:48] <mariteaux>: mumblecore.html
[06:49] --- mariteaux is now known as mumblecore
[06:49] <dotcomboom>: except 99 billion buttons on the bottom
[06:49] <mumblecore>: nailed it
[06:50] <dotcomboom>: quick find was such a hack
[06:50] <jackomix>: hey guys should i make my own little side server
[06:50] <jackomix>: a private one
[06:50] <jackomix>: to chill with friends :)
[06:50] <JakeOnline>: what friends?
[06:50] <jackomix>: the bots you doofus
[06:50] <mumblecore>: yeah who's included in this
[06:51] <mumblecore>: uhhhh
[06:51] --- mumblecore is now known as automod
[06:51] <automod>: there
[06:51] <dotcomboom>: tfw IPFS archives are still down
[06:51] <jackomix>: o shit
[06:51] <jackomix>: a
[06:51] <jackomix>: dr
[06:51] <jackomix>: nf
[06:51] <jackomix>: tfh
[06:51] <jackomix>: tfh
[06:51] <jackomix>: fh
[06:51] <jackomix>: dh
[06:51] <jackomix>: dfh
[06:51] <jackomix>: d
[06:51] <jackomix>: drg
[06:51] <jackomix>: d
[06:51] <jackomix>: d
[06:51] <JakeOnline>: Neocities Topics: 1 of 1 topics
[06:51] <jackomix>: fg
[06:51] <jackomix>: g
[06:51] <jackomix>: sg
[06:51] <jackomix>: sg
[06:51] <jackomix>: d
[06:51] <jackomix>: dg
[06:51] <JakeOnline>: Stop fucking spamming.
[06:51] <jackomix>: dg
[06:51] <jackomix>: d
[06:51] <jackomix>: dg
[06:51] <jackomix>: fg
[06:51] <JakeOnline>: Blocked
[06:51] --- automod is now known as mee6
[06:51] <jackomix>: dg
[06:51] <jackomix>: fg
[06:51] <jackomix>: d
[06:51] <jackomix>: fg
[06:51] <jackomix>: fg
[06:52] <jackomix>: fg
[06:52] <JakeOnline>: That's better.
[06:52] <jackomix>: g
[06:52] <jackomix>: sg
[06:52] <mee6>: jackomix has leveled up to level 2!
[06:52] <jackomix>: rg
[06:52] <jackomix>: dr
[06:52] <jackomix>: dsweioe qhifhlri wedsweioe qhifhlri wedsweioe qhifhlri wedsweioe qhifhlri wedsweioe qhifhlri wedsweioe qhifhlri wedsweioe qhifhlri wedsweioe qhifhlri wedsweioe qhifhlri wedsweioe qhifhlri wedsweioe qhifhlri wedsweioe qhifhlri wedsweioe qhifhlri we
[06:52] <jackomix>: :)
[06:52] --- mee6 is now known as mariteaux
[06:52] <jackomix>: o wow i did nato knowwi that mee69 was in irrc
[06:52] <mariteaux>: actually it did say mee6 was a registered name
[06:52] <mariteaux>: so go figure
[06:53] <JakeOnline>: Nice.
[06:53] <mariteaux>: so does owlman actually have an issue with me
[06:53] <mariteaux>: quick question
[06:53] <isvinc3s>: i dont think so
[06:53] <isvinc3s>: sounds like you have something against him though
[06:54] <mariteaux>: a little bit
[06:54] <dotcomboom>: woo
[06:54] <mariteaux>: i fucked this neocities thing up
[06:54] <JakeOnline>: owo
[06:54] <isvinc3s>: how come
[06:54] <JakeOnline>: did you just say owlman
[06:54] <mariteaux>: owoman
[06:54] <JakeOnline>: i don't hate owlman, but...
[06:55] <JakeOnline>: he frickin' creeps me out lol
[06:55] <isvinc3s>: how?
[06:55] <mariteaux>: out of nowhere yesterday he was suddenly very uppity about whatever happened with rocketmix and i
[06:55] <isvinc3s>: he just shitposts too much
[06:56] <JakeOnline>: He asked me for months to release my old videos.
[06:56] <mariteaux>: that's weird
[06:56] <mariteaux>: he's like a mad archivist
[06:56] <isvinc3s>: he likes to archive everything neocities-related
[06:56] <mariteaux>: he added me to his neocities history thing
[06:56] <JakeOnline>: He even had a discord channel (that was hidden from me, by the way) dedicated to archiving all of my videos.
[06:56] <jackomix>: owlman is also a troll mind you
[06:56] <isvinc3s>: some of your vids were genuinely good too
[06:57] <jackomix>: yeah though most i didn't find funny
[06:57] <isvinc3s>: you also had the role too see it until you left his server
[06:57] <mariteaux>: @jackomix i mean, i guess
[06:57] <dotcomboom>: uuhhh
[06:57] <JakeOnline>: I didn't even see the channel before I left the server.
[06:58] <jackomix>: jakeonline then i guess you wouldn't like it if i said he asked me to give him the two videos i downloaded cause i made that ytp and i gave it to him
[06:58] <JakeOnline>: I found it from viewing the directory on a different discord client.
[06:58] <isvinc3s>: maybe he just doesnt want you to regret anything if you end up deleting the vids idk
[06:58] <isvinc3s>: i know id love to take a look at older stuff ive purged from existence
[06:58] <mariteaux>: if someone was archiving my old videos i would be very regretful
[06:59] <isvinc3s>: you could have just asked him to stop archiving the videos
[06:59] <isvinc3s>: i think he would have complied
[06:59] <JakeOnline>: He wouldn't budge.
[06:59] * dotcomboom IRC PARTYYYYY
[06:59] <mariteaux>: yeah that's creepy
[06:59] <mariteaux>: how old is he anyway
[06:59] <jackomix>: 19 i think
[06:59] <isvinc3s>: 19 or something
[06:59] <mariteaux>: he sounds my age yeah
[06:59] <JakeOnline>: I told him that I didn't want to release them, but he waiting a few days and then went right back at it.
[06:59] <JakeOnline>: Asking me over and over.
[07:00] <isvinc3s>: idk, he always asked for my permission for stuff
[07:00] <mariteaux>: it's weird, he made this comment to me and mentioned you by name as an example
[07:00] <mariteaux>: like what is his fascination with you
[07:00] <JakeOnline>: what comment?
[07:00] <jackomix>: "that's like if i called jakeonline a fucking cuck"
[07:01] <mariteaux>: cunt, but yes
[07:01] <-- dotcomboom has left #neocities ( )
[07:01] <jackomix>: oh oof
[07:01] <mariteaux>: fucking rip
[07:01] --> dotcomboom has joined #neocities
[07:01] <mariteaux>: okay
[07:01] <mariteaux>: phew
[07:01] <isvinc3s>: not rip anymore
[07:01] <JakeOnline>: What comment?
[07:01] <-- dotcomboom has quit (Quit: Page closed)
[07:01] <isvinc3s>: that one
[07:01] <JakeOnline>: Is it an image?
[07:01] <isvinc3s>: no
[07:01] <mariteaux>: "you called a 13-year-old a fucking cuck, that would be like if i called jakeonline a cunt"
[07:02] --> dotcomboom has joined #neocities
[07:02] <isvinc3s>: he said "that's like if i called jakeonline a fucking cuck" while discussing the rocketmix thing with mari
[07:02] <mariteaux>: yeah
[07:02] <isvinc3s>: cunt instead of cuck
[07:02] <dotcomboom>: oh frick
[07:02] <dotcomboom>: apparently my connection dropped
[07:02] <mariteaux>: wew
[07:02] <jackomix>: ooof
[07:02] <dotcomboom>: so it didn't look like anyone was talking for #alongtime
[07:02] <isvinc3s>: i think jake was probably the first underage neocities user that came to his mind
[07:02] <dotcomboom>: since like :49
[07:03] <mariteaux>: maybe, but i mean, that's half the platform it seems
[07:03] <JakeOnline>: owo
[07:03] <JakeOnline>: underage?
[07:03] <isvinc3s>: well, your are, aren't you?
[07:03] <JakeOnline>: I'm 13.
[07:03] <JakeOnline>: I don't know if that counts as underage.
[07:03] <isvinc3s>: i think so
[07:03] <JakeOnline>: oh, ok then
[07:03] <mariteaux>: yeah, it's still a minor
[07:03] <isvinc3s>: aren't you considered underage if you're below the age of consent?
[07:03] <mariteaux>: i'd consider under 18 to be underage
[07:04] <JakeOnline>: "Not without your consent!"
[07:04] <isvinc3s>: that would be more logical yeah
[07:04] <dotcomboom>: under 13 is coppa
[07:04] <dotcomboom>: I think
[07:04] <isvinc3s>: the age of consent here is 15 lol
[07:04] <mariteaux>: age of consent is like 16 here
[07:04] <JakeOnline>: huh.
[07:04] <mariteaux>: coppa is just data collection though isn't it
[07:04] <isvinc3s>: althogh
[07:04] <dotcomboom>: yeah
[07:04] <JakeOnline>: still, owlman creeps me out
[07:04] <dotcomboom>: facebook's minimum age is 13
[07:04] <isvinc3s>: non penetrative acts are ok from like 13
[07:04] <isvinc3s>: fucked up place
[07:05] <JakeOnline>: D:
[07:05] <JakeOnline>: owo
[07:05] <dotcomboom>: JakeOnline understandably so
[07:05] <dotcomboom>: yeah I don't really know
[07:05] <dotcomboom>: [20:03] <kyledrake> Some guy named quackgyver did. [20:03] <kyledrake> No idea.
[07:05] <mariteaux>: you're talking to him?
[07:05] <isvinc3s>: where's that from?
[07:05] <isvinc3s>: some logs i assume
[07:06] <dotcomboom>: I DMed him and he replied
[07:06] <mariteaux>: wow shit
[07:06] <isvinc3s>: oh wow
[07:06] <JakeOnline>: wat?
[07:06] <dotcomboom>: I talked to senpai
[07:07] <kyledrake>: First and probably last time I'll ever be called senpai
[07:07] <kyledrake>: Whats up guys
[07:07] <mariteaux>: ayyy it's him
[07:07] <isvinc3s>: yoooooooo
[07:07] <kyledrake>: I don't control the channel some other guy does.
[07:07] <mariteaux>: hi
[07:07] <dotcomboom>: xd
[07:07] <JakeOnline>: I was having a conversation on OwlMan's voice channel. I was talking about how Sonic and Tails were shipped together even though Tails is a 11 year old male. I then jokingly accused Sanik of being a gay pedofile and practically everyone left the voice channel at that moment.
[07:07] <kyledrake>: I just lurk in here
[07:07] <mariteaux>: gotcha
[07:07] <dotcomboom>: ah
[07:07] <kyledrake>: Once in a while somebody shows up to ask something crazy and I usually ignore them
[07:08] <isvinc3s>: warm welcome from jakeonline
[07:08] <kyledrake>: That's pretty much it.
[07:08] <isvinc3s>: that's pretty much what i do on pretty much anything other than neocities
[07:08] <kyledrake>: I googled for that and got wolf furries from Ohio, is that right
[07:09] <mariteaux>: wait googled for what
[07:09] <isvinc3s>: the sonic/tails thing
[07:09] <kyledrake>: https://twitter.com/SexyGamerWolf
[07:09] <mariteaux>: jesus
[07:09] <jackomix>: oof ya boy kyle is in the house
[07:09] <isvinc3s>: lol what
[07:09] <isvinc3s>: hahaha
[07:09] <dotcomboom>: thonk
[07:09] <jackomix>: now's our chance to say something
[07:09] <jackomix>: ...
[07:10] <jackomix>: did you know there's porn of your drawn cat?
[07:10] <mariteaux>: :eyes:
[07:10] <jackomix>: and we users of neocities are working hard...
[07:10] <isvinc3s>: Oh yeah
[07:10] <jackomix>: to find an uncensored version of it
[07:10] <isvinc3s>: kyle please ask owlman to hand over the cat pr0n
[07:10] <JakeOnline>: oh yeah kyle, ban owlman
[07:10] <isvinc3s>: NO
[07:10] <isvinc3s>: not before the drawing
[07:10] <JakeOnline>: owo
[07:10] <kyledrake>: I mean if you guys are just going to show me cat porn, I'm probably going to file you in the "ignore" cabinet here.
[07:10] <mariteaux>: this is why kyle doesn't talk to us
[07:11] <dotcomboom>: ^
[07:11] <JakeOnline>: ^
[07:11] <jackomix>: v
[07:11] <dotcomboom>: ^
[07:11] <jackomix>: >
[07:11] <dotcomboom>: <
[07:11] <mariteaux>: i dunno, any cool site updates coming? things have seemed dead for almost a year now
[07:11] <jackomix>: \|
[07:11] <isvinc3s>: owlman drew some epic cat porn in paint.net and he's keeping it from us
[07:11] <isvinc3s>: has us guess where it is on his site
[07:11] <kyledrake>: You don't actually want me to do a huge update. It's going to be like New Reddit and suck ass
[07:12] <jackomix>: well i mean did you see my template.html suggestion
[07:12] <mariteaux>: well no but changing the default site sorting from most followers to newest updated would be cool
[07:12] <dotcomboom>: I checked reddit and I didn't see it anymore, did they get rid of it?
[07:12] <jackomix>: where to easily speed up making new pages
[07:12] <jackomix>: instead of copying and pasting the "welcome to my site" template
[07:12] <mariteaux>: it's hard enough to get noticed over an lucas' giant blinking gif collection
[07:12] <jackomix>: it just copys the text from "template.html"
[07:12] <kyledrake>: It used to be last updated but then it just ended up being a bunch of spammers and offensive shit. It needs to be what it is now by default.
[07:13] <isvinc3s>: btw anyone know what special sauce is
[07:13] <kyledrake>: If you want to mess around with "special sauce" algo I'd humor a pull request.
[07:13] <mariteaux>: fair enough
[07:13] <kyledrake>: But yeah, not much to do at this point, except make it worse and full of shit frontend UIs and WYSIWYG editors that pre-fab sites with pictures of italian chefs on it
[07:13] <mariteaux>: i think the only other thing i'd want is a report site button, there's a couple objectionable ones and i have no clue who to take it to
[07:14] <jackomix>: have you seen neobadges and hyperlink?
[07:14] <dotcomboom>: IPFS archiving seems to have been down for quite a while
[07:14] <kyledrake>: When I did report site people would just report eachother's sites to troll them
[07:14] <mariteaux>: gdi
[07:14] <kyledrake>: Yeah, IPFS is screwed up. I'm still working on it.
[07:14] <kyledrake>: It's not designed for the amount of crap we're shoving into it.
[07:14] <jackomix>: btw when i post a message on someones profile it doesn't post
[07:14] <jackomix>: like it does for certain people
[07:14] <jackomix>: but even on my friends it doesn't work
[07:14] <dotcomboom>: Is the next site, previous site topbar thing (like blogger) still on Neocities? I remember that being there in like 2015
[07:14] <jackomix>: ^
[07:15] <kyledrake>: It breaks everything. I had to turn it off.
[07:15] <dotcomboom>: I remember that annoying me back in the day, but it was interesting as a concept
[07:15] <kyledrake>: If you go from a neocities site to a different one it just breaks, because of the cross domain restriction stuff
[07:16] <dotcomboom>: ah
[07:16] <kyledrake>: It's broken because browsers intentionally broke it to stop security problems
[07:16] <jackomix>: hey kyledrake do you know about the unoffical discord server?
[07:16] <mariteaux>: oh one last thing, i don't wanna bug you with too much, but any reason you went with webdav for supporters instead of sftp?
[07:16] <mariteaux>: is webdav a supporters thing, i forgot
[07:16] <jackomix>: yeah it is
[07:16] <kyledrake>: Nope and I'll probably never use it, because it will just be endless drama 100% of the time.
[07:16] <dotcomboom>: it is
[07:16] <dotcomboom>: you are very correct, kyle
[07:16] <isvinc3s>: sums it up about right
[07:17] <mariteaux>: yeah shit dead on
[07:17] <dotcomboom>: the discord server is very much so
[07:17] <mariteaux>: i left it today because it was just arguing
[07:17] <jackomix>: well i mean
[07:17] <kyledrake>: How am I doing so far
[07:17] <mariteaux>: yes i spurred a lot of it on shush
[07:17] <isvinc3s>: doing great!
[07:17] <mariteaux>: kyledrake good, good
[07:17] <dotcomboom>: grand
[07:17] <JakeOnline>: I left the Neocities Discord server months ago, and I'm really happy I did so.
[07:17] <jackomix>: do you ever plan on making this irc server offical?
[07:17] <isvinc3s>: discord as a whole is pretty bad
[07:18] <JakeOnline>: tru
[07:18] <kyledrake>: Nope. See above comment about discord
[07:18] <dotcomboom>: heh, icy
[07:18] <kyledrake>: Experienced.
[07:18] <kyledrake>: You need to be careful with how you build communities.
[07:19] <kyledrake>: Or they fall apart to stupid fighting
[07:19] <jackomix>: have you heard about neobadges and/or hyperlink?
[07:19] <isvinc3s>: brb
[07:19] <kyledrake>: I've pondered disabling comments on neocities more than once.. even that is pretty dangerous.
[07:19] <kyledrake>: nope
[07:19] <dotcomboom>: It's like you're in a lose/lose situation
[07:19] <jackomix>: wanna hear what they are?
[07:20] <mariteaux>: i like kyle's take on this, just stay out of it
[07:20] <mariteaux>: it's a mess
[07:20] <jackomix>: neobadges was a thing me and my friend made
[07:20] <kyledrake>: The pet things?
[07:20] <kyledrake>: Those were cool
[07:20] <jackomix>: yeah
[07:20] <dotcomboom>: oh, that's gifypet
[07:20] <jackomix>: basically it would give you achivements based on your stats
[07:21] <kyledrake>: Oh whoa, no this is new to me.
[07:21] <kyledrake>: Cool
[07:21] <jackomix>: we also had a discord bot, and it would tell your rank (the most followed) and i remember people would always check it
[07:21] <dotcomboom>: seal of approval
[07:21] <jackomix>: the server neobadges was hosted on shut down
[07:21] <jackomix>: though glitch.com seems like it would be good to host it on
[07:21] <kyledrake>: Incase my rant isn't common knowledge, I don't supply backend-based stuff to sites for survivability reasons. Static sites that don't depend on backends will live forever.
[07:21] <kyledrake>: Well there you go.
[07:22] <dotcomboom>: That's very true
[07:22] <jackomix>: there's also another thing i made
[07:22] <mariteaux>: static sites are cool, i just hate updating every page to fix one thing in my footer
[07:22] <jackomix>: which is actually useful
[07:22] <jackomix>: it was a python program (that used tkinter) so you could make blog posts
[07:23] <JakeOnline>: that's why javascript "document.write" exists
[07:23] <jackomix>: basically you'd set your settings by changing variables, then you'd put your title and text, save the html file, then upload it
[07:23] <JakeOnline>: at least that's how i've been using it
[07:23] <jackomix>: yeah document.write is love
[07:23] <mariteaux>: isn't document.write bad form
[07:23] <dotcomboom>: I'd prefer not using js for adding page navigation though
[07:23] <kyledrake>: I have to AFK here soon. I'm finishing a book on the history of the SNES, then I'm either exercising or stuffing myself with a giant pizza (not sure which yet).
[07:23] <jackomix>: noice
[07:24] <mariteaux>: more productive day than i've had
[07:24] <mariteaux>: gg
[07:24] <mariteaux>: thanks for dropping in kyle
[07:24] * dotcomboom PARTYYYYYY
[07:24] <dotcomboom>: absolutely! pleasant surprise
[07:24] <jackomix>: thanks for joining the interview
[07:25] <jackomix>: i'll think of some update that'd fit neocities and wouldn't cause a trainwreck :)http
[07:25] <kyledrake>: s://www.recipe-diaries.com/2017/02/19/fat-head-pizza-crust/ <- make this sometime, it's awesome
[07:25] <isvinc3s>: ok im back
[07:25] <kyledrake>: No problem have a good week
[07:25] <isvinc3s>: and i will give that a try
[07:26] <dotcomboom>: pizzaaaaa
[07:26] <kyledrake>: https://www.recipe-diaries.com/2017/02/19/fat-head-pizza-crust/ better desc.
[07:26] <isvinc3s>: man id eat a pizza right now
[07:27] <jackomix>: i ate a pizza two days ago
[07:27] <jackomix>: that was yummu
[07:27] <jackomix>: *yummy
[07:27] <isvinc3s>: i'll eat a pizza today no matter what
[07:27] <jackomix>: ^
[07:27] * JakeOnline party
[07:27] * dotcomboom PARTIEESSSSSS
[07:27] * isvinc3s thinks about pizzas
[07:27] * jackomix mario party
[07:27] <kyledrake>: Yeah but this is not just a pizza man.. it's a fat head pizza. The crust is made out of cheese. It's low carb and awesome
[07:28] <kyledrake>: anyways for real now AFK
[07:28] <dotcomboom>: OhHhH
[07:28] <jackomix>: lol bye kyle
[07:28] <isvinc3s>: see ya kyle
[07:28] <dotcomboom>: okay, see ya
[07:28] <JakeOnline>: Welp, I'm going to go revise my website's design for the 28th time.
[07:28] <isvinc3s>: good luck with that
[07:28] <dotcomboom>: the Neocities Effect
[07:28] <jackomix>: lol bye jake
[07:29] <JakeOnline>: I'm going to make it more video based, or something like that.
[07:29] <isvinc3s>: what's the time where you guys are
[07:29] <dotcomboom>: 8:29
[07:29] <dotcomboom>: (pm)
[07:29] <mariteaux>: 9:30pm
[07:29] <JakeOnline>: 9:29 PM
[07:29] <dotcomboom>: or uh 20:29
[07:29] <dotcomboom>: ;)
[07:29] <isvinc3s>: it's 4:30 AM here
[07:29] <JakeOnline>: that's gay
[07:29] <isvinc3s>: i know
[07:29] <JakeOnline>: go the to sleep
[07:30] <isvinc3s>: but i'd only sleep for like 2 hours
[07:30] <isvinc3s>: which amounts to nothing
[07:30] <dotcomboom>: pretend to sleep then
[07:30] <isvinc3s>: :thinking:
[07:30] <dotcomboom>: ;)
[07:33] <jackomix>: i'm trying to find a way to get the source code of a page via static js
[07:33] <isvinc3s>: im no help there
[07:35] <dotcomboom>: uhh isn't it like documentElement.outerHtml or something like that
[07:35] <dotcomboom>: unless you mean another than
[07:35] <dotcomboom>: *page
[07:35] <dotcomboom>: then idk
[07:40] <-- jackomix has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[07:41] <isvinc3s>: f
[07:41] <mariteaux>: f
[07:42] <dotcomboom>: f
[07:43] --> comdotboom has joined #neocities
[07:43] <dotcomboom>: hooold on
[07:43] <-- dotcomboom has quit (Quit: Page closed)
[07:43] <-- comdotboom has quit (Client Quit)
[07:43] <isvinc3s>: double f
[07:44] --> dotcomboom has joined #neocities
[07:45] <dotcomboom>: there
[07:45] <dotcomboom>: now I'm on hexchat like the cool kids 8)
[07:45] <mariteaux>: better
[07:45] <isvinc3s>: but the cool kids are on irssi
[07:45] <mariteaux>: there is no "cool" in "isvinc3s"
[07:46] <dotcomboom>: install gentoo
[07:46] <isvinc3s>: there is "is" and "in"
[07:46] <mariteaux>: sudo apt-get lol what even is linux
[07:46] <isvinc3s>: pacman -Rsnc willtolive
[07:47] <mariteaux>: i have no clue if i actually had to leave penelope's place but probably for the best for now
[07:47] <mariteaux>: i still have the invite so i'll pop in randomly probably
[07:47] <isvinc3s>: so you arent on any neocities discord anymore?
[07:48] <mariteaux>: nope
[07:48] <mariteaux>: i have a few of you added but i just
[07:48] <mariteaux>: i don't work in that environment
[07:48] <isvinc3s>: its fine im mostly inactive on them myself
[07:48] <mariteaux>: yeah, i end up being an iconoclast for fun mostly
[07:48] <mariteaux>: and it eats up too much of my time and i feel icky afterwards
[07:49] <mariteaux>: or sometimes i actually spill spaghetti and feel really icky
[07:49] <mariteaux>: see: may 2018
[07:49] <dotcomboom>: mariteaux packages not found: lol, what, even, is, linux. installation halted
[07:49] <mariteaux>: :point_right: :point_right:
[07:49] <isvinc3s>: lolcat
[07:49] <dotcomboom>: -> ->
[07:50] <dotcomboom>: LAL cats
[07:52] <dotcomboom>: may 2018 best worst month of my life
[07:53] <dotcomboom>: -> ->
[07:53] <isvinc3s>: 2018 best worst year of my life
[07:57] <dotcomboom>: really should use irc more
[07:58] <isvinc3s>: im too scared to talk to other people
[07:58] <isvinc3s>: otherwise id use it more often
[07:58] <dotcomboom>: man I've changed so much since the NN server, and Exanet
[07:59] <dotcomboom>: that kind of made me break of my shell for lack of better words
[07:59] <dotcomboom>: (for better or for worse)
[07:59] <dotcomboom>: neocities = huge factor
[08:00] <isvinc3s>: im only comfortable around people from neocities tbh
[08:03] --> elementz has joined #neocities
[08:03] <isvinc3s>: eyyyyy
[08:04] <dotcomboom>: ayyyy welcome to the club
[08:04] <mariteaux>: hey elementz
[08:04] <dotcomboom>: under 301 club
[08:04] <dotcomboom>: iced tea?
[08:04] <elementz>: who are u isvinc3s?
[08:04] <isvinc3s>: hosma
[08:04] <elementz>: ah
[08:04] <mariteaux>: i could go for some iced tea right now
[08:04] <elementz>: il go for pizza
[08:04] <isvinc3s>: you too with the pizzas
[08:04] <dotcomboom>: brisk raspberry my dudes
[08:04] <-- elementz has quit (Client Quit)
[08:04] <isvinc3s>: f
[08:05] <dotcomboom>: f
[08:05] --> elementz has joined #neocities
[08:05] <isvinc3s>: eyyyyyy
[08:05] <mariteaux>: to add onto earlier, it's weird
[08:05] <mariteaux>: i don't have an issue talking to people irl
[08:05] <dotcomboom>: ayyyy welcome to the club
[08:05] <dotcomboom>: under 301 club
[08:05] <mariteaux>: (and i'm a bit different irl)
[08:05] <elementz>: ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
[08:05] <dotcomboom>: iced tea?
[08:05] <mariteaux>: but online
[08:05] <elementz>: yus
[08:05] <dotcomboom>: brisk raspberry my dudes
[08:05] <elementz>: dis kewl
[08:05] <isvinc3s>: i'll have a respberry pie
[08:05] <isvinc3s>: raspberry*
[08:05] <isvinc3s>: sigh
[08:06] <dotcomboom>: raspberry pies are my favorite
[08:06] <elementz>: welp gtg ma doods
[08:06] <isvinc3s>: see ya
[08:06] <dotcomboom>: ye wot
[08:06] <dotcomboom>: l8r m8
[08:06] <mariteaux>: bye
[08:06] <elementz>: l8ter signing out iz ElemPlayzRoblox
[08:06] <isvinc3s>: you just joined lol
[08:06] <elementz>: yea
[08:06] <elementz>: anyway
[08:06] <isvinc3s>: HELL YEAH
[08:06] <dotcomboom>: COMMENT "I SUBSCRIBED"
[08:07] <mariteaux>: :thinking:
[08:11] <-- elementz has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[08:11] <isvinc3s>: f
[08:11] <dotcomboom>: fff
[08:14] <dotcomboom>: aha - take on me
[08:15] <isvinc3s>: i just listened to that an hour or so ago
[08:15] <dotcomboom>: good song
[08:20] <mariteaux>: i can't listen to take on me without hearing a text to speech voice singing about gassing the jews
[08:20] <mariteaux>: i blame youtube
[08:22] <dotcomboom>: I can't without hearing awsome minecraft parodys
[08:22] <dotcomboom>: MIIIINNNEE DIIIAMMONDS
[08:23] <isvinc3s>: take on me is a decent at best cover of mine diamonds
[08:46] <dotcomboom>: that pizza crust recipe
[08:46] <isvinc3s>: what about it
[08:46] <dotcomboom>: can't stop thinking about it
[08:47] <isvinc3s>: same
[08:47] <dotcomboom>: pizzaaaa
[08:47] <isvinc3s>: i gotta try it
[08:47] <dotcomboom>: but it's chez
[08:47] <dotcomboom>: what a concept
[08:47] <isvinc3s>: mmm
[08:47] <JakeOnline>: exanet owo
[08:48] <isvinc3s>: mmmmmmmmmmm
[08:48] <dotcomboom>: exanet.nutella.toast.com
[08:48] <dotcomboom>: nutella on toast
[08:48] <dotcomboom>: SuPeR sImPlE rEcIpE, cErTiFiEd bY cHeFs
[08:50] <isvinc3s>: XavlegbmaofffassssitimiwoamndutroabcwapwaeiippohfffX about to hit us all with that GORE2.0 yeet real soon
[08:50] <isvinc3s>: (they're the guys who made the grindcore song about harambe)
[08:51] <dotcomboom>: not exactly my cup of tea but nice
[08:51] <isvinc3s>: i dont usually listen to any core genres but these guys are one of the exceptions
[08:57] <dotcomboom>: signing off for now g'night
[08:58] <dotcomboom>: this has been a fun P A R T Y
[08:58] <isvinc3s>: see ya dcb
[08:58] <isvinc3s>: sure has
[08:58] <isvinc3s>: i think i'll leave soon too
[08:58] <-- dotcomboom has quit (Quit: Leaving)